More Notes on Eternal Life and Youth

More of my thoughts on eternal life. Please keep an open mind. This is new thinking. I am not, by the way, a doctor. These are just ideas, and thoughts I have come up with after thinking about this topic for the past five years, and through research, news items and personal experimentation and experience.


Vegan Benefits Us All

Our diet is the universal thing we all, as a species have in common. We have different incomes, religions, values, and lifestyles, but we all eat the same foods basically, and all must pay the same price for eating foods that are bad, and unhealthy for us. That’s why a food revolution can be a unifiying force for the world. A vegan diet promotes universality, a more compassionate and just way of living and eating that includes all living creatures and people. It is good for our health but also for our world as well. A healthier, kinder people free of death and illness worries and concerns is a people that can look beyond themselves, their culture and location to see help and cooperate with all livng beings. It is the beginnnig of a brave and wonderful new world and until you try it is is very hard to understand its personal power, and the peace vegans feel.

Not only are you are free from guilt, stress, and expense of eating animals, and supporting the earth and ecosystem destroying animal agriculture industry, you are also able to relax and enjoy the way your body works and feels, without the assurance you are causing yourself harm everytime you eat.

Salt and Our Health

Salt kills us. It causes cancer, wrinkles, hearing loss,stress, panic, mood disorders, and dehydration. It depletes our organs and minds of essentiuals minerals and hydration, driving them and our immune system to a point of dysfunction and harm. It does radical, and unnatural things to our bodies, and we physically cannot over time deal with it. Having a salt free diet is the best thing you can do for yourself, after becoming a vegan. In this day and age, it does mean having to make much of your own food, as most processed foods, including vegan food contains salt, and in high quantities. I make almost all my own food, and have a completely low sodium, salt free diet. This means using a no salt soy sauce, and limiting my use of it, and baking powder. It’s not always easy, but the physical and mental peace I feel, is definitely worth all the effort.

Salt and Ageing

Salt causes wrinkles. It causes skin problems, acne and redness as our blood flow is constricted and our immune system compromised. I eat no salt and I am remarkably wrinkle free at 44. How do I know this is the result of my salt free diet? I know because I have on occasion eaten salt, and woken up in another face. One that is puffy, swollen, dull and with the lines that you can tell will eventually become wrinlkes. It may seem shallow to care, but why not? With all the bad things salt does to our bodies, why not enjoy this bonus benefit, freedom from wrinkles and physical signs of ageing, when you give it up?

Throw out the Salt and The Meat Will Follow.

Salt was used originally as a food preservative. Long before the invention of electricity and refrigeration, it was the best and easiest way of preserving foods, especially meat. That is also the reason why it is used so widely today. It is not really a flavorant, as anyone who has tasted salt free food is aware of. It actually dulls and overpowers most natural flavours, while numbing our taste buds. The only food that salt actually enhances and is needed with, is meat. Meat without salt is favorless and unpleasant. Most people would not be so in love with eating meat, if there were no salt added it it.

Vegan Diet for MS

There are numerous studies and reports on how a healthy vegan diet can radically positively affect or reverse diabetes, and heart disease. It leads me to wonder, if it too can help those who have MS.

The cause of MS, according to recent news reports, is blocked or overworked blood vessels in the neck that clog blood going to all parts of the brain. As solid animal fats, are the only foods that line and clog our veins, eliminating them from your diet would allow all your veins and arteries to work better. Going vegan radically eliminates the heart of both heart attacks and strokes, and it may, logically have an effect on MS. My sister in law has MS and has recently changed to a mostly vegan diet. It seems to be working for her.

If you have MS, I would suggest you talk to your doctor, and give it a try. I believe it may have a positive effect on your condition, or at least enable you to live, and enjoy mobility for alot longer, and lead a nearly, completely normal, and healthy life as well.


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