The Political Spectrum

Growing up, I never thought much about politics. I had strong beliefs, but was not really interested, or taught to be interested in issues. In attitudes, I guess you could call me a true child of the flower era. I was, and am against injustice, prejudice and in favor of peace, kindness and getting along. I am still pretty left in my attitudes, and thinking, but not completely.

In grade six, I was so appalled by a television program on capital punishment, I wrote an essay opposing it. As an adult, I have changed my mind, and am now in favor of it. As a child I was horrified to tears by images of the Vietnam war. As an adult I still feel the same sadness and horror at war, determination to advance world peace, but understand that war is not always a choice, sometimes it is a necessity, and a duty in our world of global consciousness and concern, even if peace is always the aim and goal. I also, as a child, never believed in God, or felt being a Christian was anything except embarrassing. Now I choose to believe in God, call myself a Christian, and am empowered by my Christianity, and spirituality.

Also, as a teen I partied alot, used drugs, and didn’t worry at all about the legality of it. Now as a mother and recovered addict, I’m opposed to the recreational use of drugs. I know the devastation drug use can create in one’s life, and in our world. I do not want to my children or our society to condone the use and “okayness” of so called recreational drugs, which are marketed to our young, and those living outside the margins.

I also feel that while police brutality exists, is sometimes targeted at minorities, and needs to be investigated and dealt with seriously by the police, that not all reports of alleged police brutality are actuality brutality. I think police sometimes need to use force in the administrations of their duties, and it’s equally the responsibility of the public to obey laws, respect and obey the police.

While I support protests, and people right to protest, the police also have a right, and duty to maintain order if the protest become violent. Equal rights, and I support them both.

To those who are far left in their thinking, I know, it would be unthinkable to hold such views. To those in the far right my views on abortion, feminism, the environment, animal rights, LGBTs rights and the rights of minorities, women children and immigrants are also unthinkable. Which means I am an “enemy” of both the far left and right, being a moderate in my political views, something quite unheard of in this day and age.

It is true, where I am today is definitely not where I have always been or been taught. I have developed my own adult political outlook. I guess my political views and conviction means I have grown up, and have joined a part of a larger and more significant world, while still being able to hold onto my own unique kinder, gentler life view.

Moderate politics are what our western nations are founded upon. They are rooted in tradition, our holy books, the values and ideals of responsibility, cooperation, unity and peace, the better way for a new and better world. It is sad and scary today to hear of groups challenging those values and standards set by our forefathers as our whole western world has been successfully built and maintained by them.

The threat is mainly from the far right in these days of Ground Zero mosque Islam hatred, but it is supported by the same from the far left. Neither is advocating any ideas or ideals that will advance or aid society and our humanity. What it does do is leads to alot of unrest, and in our age of shaky peace, it is sometimes more than we can handle. It is time for us to begin to take all this turmoil and uprising seriously, and understand what it means for our world , what exactly is happening and being challenged and sometimes decried.

I believe that the truth, reason, progress, righteousness and responsibility lies within the moderate political spectrum. Life has proven this to us time and time again. These are important values. The best way to teach our children, our society to value them is to apply them to our attitudes and our actions. Who we vote for, support says a lot about us and teaches our children what is and is not acceptable in our society and world.

We are a world clearly sailing forward but as well in jeopardy of ignoring some major, and very real hurdles to our development as a world and people. We have made alot of amazing and much needed progress over the past half decade. It is time not to allow the ignorance, fear, hate and frenzy of the far right, and the ignorance, immaturity and irresponsibility of the far left to allow this progress to be jeopardized. We have alot to lose and it is more than just ourselves. It’s our society, our humanity, our world ultimately, that is at stake.


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