10 Things the Medical Community Doesn’t Know That You Should.

The medical community knows alot, but there’s a world of medical knowledge out there, they don’t know about. Times have changed, and there are many like me, who don’t like to support big pharma, who found our own medical cures of our various ailments.

Here are some things I discovered during my personal quest for health. I can attest to their being true because they are people tested, on myself. The results have been pretty astounding and have made a great impact in my life and well being.

I must add, however, I am not a doctor, and would recommend strongly that anyone in the quest for health begin with a trip to their GP. These worked for me, and I believe them to be true, but a medical professional should be included in any health plan. I have learnt alot of necessary health imformation from visits with my doctors.

(Here are the conditions I cured myself of without medication: Attention Deficit Disorder (post medicational treatment), eating disorders, insomnia, hyperactivity, emotional instabilty, chronic severe yeast and lower urinary tract infections, low energy, lack of focus, inability to think well, depression, chronic skin conditions and eruptions.)

1. The cause of yeast infections and lower urinary tract infection is live, active yeast. This is the kind found in yeast bread, and baked goods. Nutritional yeast and other dead yeasts are fine in moderate quantities.

2. Vinegar can make you very ill, if you develop an allergy to it. It can cause violent allergic reactions leading to seizures, heart pain and ashma.

3. Food allergies develop and worsen as we age. As a child I could eat yeast, and all foods. As an adult I can’t. Deal with it by reducing the amount of foods allergens from your diet.

4. Salt causes cancer,wrinkles as well as hyper tension.

5. Ageing isn’t ineviable. Its a series of medical conditions caused by eating harmful foods and engaging in unhealthy habits. Loss of eyesight, hearing, mobility, mental clarity, energy, immune health and continance, as well as diseases and illnesses, are all caused or exacerbated by eating harmful foods, as well as having harmful habits.

6. It is meat, dairy, eggs (cholesterelol) salt, sugar, vinegar, alcohol and yeast that age and kill us. A vegan diet free or greatly limited of these ingredients makes “eternal” life and youth possible.

7. Gluten causes arthritis, repetative strain injury, joint pain, chronic pain, mobility issues, gas and bloating. Reducing your intake it eliminating it has a dramtic effect in your comfort, and mobility.

8. Salt and sugar are the cause of lack of mental clarity, focus. They are also toxic foods. They poison us and destroy our health.

9. Camommille, lemon and ginger can cure the common cold, flu, diarhea, insomnia.

10. Plant based foods reduce cholesterol levels because they don’t contain cholesterol. Its not magic, its logical science. Eat sugar your sugar levels rise. Eat cholesterol (only found in animal products) and your cholesterol levels will rise. Cholesterol kills us by clogging our veins. Go vegan and you’ll never gave to worry about heart attack and stroke.

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