Self Help

I’m currently in a recovery process, and at a turning point in my life. To help me through both, and to keep me motivated, I read a lot of self help books. I have always found motivational and inspirational writing very powerful. This began in the early 1990s when I read “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck and “7 Habits of Successful People” by Stephan Covey. I am also a graduate of the 12 Step Programs, and much of it’s helpfulness for me was its strong, and positive, inspirational messages.

There are 100’s of excellent, warm, wise, and helpful self help books out there. I would recommend them to anyone. They are more than just interesting reading. They can really move, and motivate you, especially in times of stress, and strife. For me, I find they get me thinking again, and in positive ways, which has been very helpful to me.

Here are some of my recent thoughts that were inspired through reading some. Enjoy!


I am always there, no matter where I go. I make myself happy, so whatever is going on, or wherever I go, I am happy because I am there. If people annoy me, or let me down, or are unlikable, I am never brought down by it, because I know I will never do that to myself. I am my own best, forever friend, always there and always loyal. In life, we are never truly alone, because we are our constant companion. We all need people in our lives, but in hard times, all you really need is yourself.

In life we can make ourself happy, or we can make ourself miserable. That is ultimately our choice, the secret of life, its happiness and success.

Creating Change

Question to self: The goal is not hearing about or learning. The goal is doing. We know everything we need to know in order to to live long, and prosper, so why don’t the vast majority of people not do these things?

Answer: We are changing, and it is happening. It has begun. Soon it will be the vast minority who cling onto old harmful, hurtful, hateful attitudes and habits. That’s a good thing. Humanity and heart must progress and mature just as technology, innovation, and thinking has over the past millenium.

Goals For My Life

To live fully, freely, as I want to live
To be fully myself, and only myself

To reach my potential
To make all my hopes, dreams, plans come true
To make my life special, a masterpiece, meaningful
To keep wonder, innocence, magic and meaning in my life always, by giving and receiving with grace

Most lives aren’t masterpieces, they are pleasant illustrations, or copied images. If this is your life, you’re perhaps luckiest of all. We may all idolize masterpieces, but we don’t see the entire story behind them.

We see the beauty and greatness of masterpieces, but we do not see the suffering behind it, the toil, loss, mistakes, moments of defeat. To create a masterpiece takes great courage, as they generally come from great suffering. A masterpiece is a tempest, and to create beauty from it is an art. I want to made my life shine, and it is on its way. If it becomes a masterpiece is up to me.


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