The Fairy Diet

I love fairies and consider myself a fairy person in my flights of fancy. So after being inspired by a fellow vegan, fairy person on Twitter  who is battling an eating disorder,  I have came up with a diet that will hopefully satisfy my imagination as well as my appetite, as boredom is my biggest problem in sticking with my diet.

Keep in my mind please, this is just for fun, and I am not a doctor so I do not advocate this diet to anyone. I do advocate a healthy balanced vegan diet thats low fat, low carb, no/low stimulants (salt, sugar, caffeine,spices, onion, garlic, peppers) as they cause immune system reaction and appetite. And lots of sugar and caffeine free liquids.

The best diet is a plain, fresh, natural,vegan diet for health and for losing weight. I lost 15 pounds when I went vegan seven years ago and have kept them off. Its the easy way so well worth giving it a try. Just make sure to take a B12 supplement as a vegan diet has no B12, a vitamin we need to prevent nervous system damage., and iodine if you’re going to go no\low salt.

Fairies are, like me, naturally tiny and petite. They are vegans, love animals, wildlife and eat local, fresh grown. Summertime is the best time of the year when fields, forest and gardens are blooming and full. They are gentle and peaceful creatures, playful and kind. Sweet and dreamy by nature when riled they become sassy and tough. They can give you a good pinch and swear like tiny little sailors when disturbed. They like angels, elves, gnomes but do not like trolls, or ogres or monsters.

To look like a fairy you must eat like a fairy. This is the truth and my new diet motto. Eat less, enjoy life more, be at peace,  listen to your body, nature and the pounds should vanish. After my diet is over I will be returning to the real world and human diet. But I will keep in mind that our species does overeat and beauty is rarely found in excess, gluttony and waste.

The Fairy Diet
  • Vegan
  • 30%  gluten free grains, oats, seeds
  •  60% fruit, veggies
  • 10% vegan protein in the form of unseasoned tofu products, nuts, legumes
  • lots of sweetness, using fruits, dates, stevia leaf powder as a sweetener
  • no/low savory (onion, peppers, garlic)
  • no salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, vinegar or animal products
  • tofu and other seasoning free soy products and beans for protein
  • season with citrus juice, pepper, herbs and non stimulating spices
  • mostly raw and as organic as possible



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