Ring the Alarm, Our World is Dying

I have been thinking alot lately about our economy and the general state of the world.

Its crazy that we are living in a world where European countries are going bankrupt, and US cities as well. What does this say about our world, our economy, our leaders? It says alot. It proves austerity doesn’t wrk, that top heavy economies don’t work and low wages, benefits, with huge loans, subsidies to the wealthy and dying industries don’t work. Poor people are supporting the rich and industries that aren’t needed anymore and the world is going broke because of it. Government and society clings to the old world order and wonder why its not working anymore. It’s definitely not working, and its crazy to believe it will, because we are now living in a totally new world. I understand that and I think alot of others do as well. When will our culture and its leaders understand it as well?

If we continue to live as we did when population, need for resources, our water, soil, air health, society, ethics and economic realities were all different, things will only get worse. Its a brand new world and we need leaders who get that. Idiots continue, in politics, amongst the public and in the media to believe nothing needs to change and spent plenty of time, money and energy trying to convince all humanity of it. They sure are wrong. The old way of life is no longer sustainable, relevant or even real anymore. The truth is we need to change or we will collaspe. This is a proven fact. There’s no middle ground. Its change and create a peaceful, sustainable future or don’t and continue to drive forward war, crime, terrorism, destruction. Anyone who cannot see this is true with all the news, the climate, the way the world is and how it feels to be living at this time, is crazy, stupid or purposefully for global destruction.

We need to change, not because its a good idea. We need to change because if we don’t, we will self destruct.

The wonder years of the past are over. The experts and serious activists know how to create the wonder years of tomorrow, but the far right and left extremists, who now have most of global and cultural world power and not a clue among them, refuse to give up power to them, the ones who do know what the problems are, what needs to be done and know how to do it. The far sides would much rather live in a world that has long since vanished then face reality and the present situation. The far right are stuck in the 1950 and the far left in the 1960s and neither have a clue about whats real, reality or needed in our time and era.

This is not new. We see the same rising up of ignorance and fear whenever great social change is strived for and needed. We saw it with the rise of nazism in response to Germany’s woes and with the fight against civil rights which was as bloody and hateful as the battles activist are facing now. We are reliving history again and again because no one in power knows what to do, and the masses are too run around by poverty, stress to care.

Its time to end this destruction and despair. The good news is we still can. The bad news is that we now need to, we really have no choice. Those in power need to stop or people need to stop them because if they are allowed to continue they will suceed in destroying our planet and life as we know it.

It will be a victory for humanity if we can gain control of our leadership, our world and goverments. If we can break through the walls of media complacency and claim and direct our society for ourselves. Its possible, necessary and possibly as great a battle as was fought in any world war. It is war we are living through but we can make it a peaceful one. Peace is the only way to end war and true peace requires at times to be fought for.

So how will you help end this seige on reality and need, on common sense, ethics, compassion and sane solutions? Will you end it with your votes, or voice, by kind, smart, helpful deeds or acts of great courage and love. Will you end it by sticking by your faith or ethics, by learning new things, by lending a hand, by letting go of old fears and understandings. Will you accept reality and the truth, and no longer support those who lie and have harmful, sinful intent? There are so many ways to help our world and they are all needed. I guess that is the final message. The world’s in trouble, it needs our help. Please commit to helping, or continuing to help now, tomorrow , a little or alot everyday. Thats all that’s required and believe me, its worth it. If you love life, love, justice, freedom and our planet, it really is a must.


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