Sometimes people just want you to roll with life, it or whatever it is, even if you can’t. Feelings are like a wheel. If normal and undamaged you can roll along nicely whatever the terrain. If they are damaged and warped then rolling along is difficult or even impossible. 

To get moving along you need to get the wheel fixed, back into rolling shape or even throw it out and get a new one. Sometimes all we have been taught and believe is wrong. Abuse does this to people as does mental illness and hardships in life. There is nothing wrong with having a damaged wheel. It is necessary however to know it, recognize it and be willing and able to get it back into shape or to throw it out and get a new one.
There are times also when your wheel is fixed and fine and you still can’t roll along. This is may be because the terrain is all wrong or too dangerous. There is nothing wrong with not rolling along if the terrain is too unfamiliar or leading in the wrong direction. This is just wisdom and integrity despite the opposition and argument you might receive.

Our feelings carry us through life. Sometimes they keep us stuck and unable to move forward. Sometime  you are stuck because of your damaged wheels; sometimes you are stuck because everyone is rolling in the wrong direction. I guess sanity and maturity is knowing the difference.

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