The Abortion Debate


The abortion debate is not about those women and men who oppose abortion. It’s not about fetuses. It is about women, all women and those who support the right to choose and choose to have an abortion. Its their lives we are talking about, not the lives of women who oppose it.

If you oppose abortion, then don’t have one. That is your choice and is fine. What’s not fine is imagining you have the right to deny other women the same right to choose. That’s very arrogant.

What give pro lifers this moral imperative? Their image of God? Well, that’s not everyone’s image of God or even the majority’s image of God, so there is no legal or moral imperative there. It is a philosophical opinion at best and a political and hate based opinion at worst. Nothing more.

The truth, the medical and scientific truth, is no sentient being is killed by abortion as a fetus at the time of most abortions is nothing more that a mass of cells with a heart. It has no functioning brain which would indicate the start of sentient life. It is nothing in sentient terms, feels nothing, it cannot suffer. To mourn it, the loss of it’s life is crazy. We cannot sanely mourn things that never happen.

As for choice, everyone has the right to choose, for or against. Everyone does not have the right to choose for others. Your right to choose extend to yourself and your life, not to the lives of all women. Being anti choice is a feeling, not fact based, opinion. There’s no reason, just negative personal feeling. Personal feeling should not extend to the law without sound reasoning.

Choice and freedom is a human right as long as the choices are legal, necessary and moral. Prove the unnecessity and immorality of abortion, late term abortion and it will be banned. Even the virulently misogynistic politicians of late haven’t been able to ban it completely. They will amend it for votes but never without condemnation as we all know in our hearts that to return to enforced motherhood and dangerous illegal abortions is just not moral, wise or necessary.

The pro choice movement is also strongly misogynistic. To put the right to life of a non sentient being over that of a women shows a deep level of hate and androcentric logic and feeling. That’s why its a mainstay of conservative churches, fundamentalist protestants, Mormons and Catholics, that also harbor such misogynistic practices as pedophilia, polygamy and refusal to allow women to be ordained. This is not coincidence.

God and Jesus’ message was to have good judgement and mercy. The Pro Life movement are exhibiting neither. What would Jesus, who loved and supported all women and children say? Show no mercy and force women to give birth whether they want it or not? Harass and kill those who provide this valued life saving service? Harass those with unwanted pregnancy at abortion clinics from helping themselves and saving their lives? Obviously not, as this goes against all he taught and all he taught us about God. Its very wrong headed and one of the causes of the serious decline in American culture and thinking.

To enforce such a life changing thing as birth on a woman is wrong. You would not be able to do that do a man. It also imposes a contradictory logic that is in opposition to all logic, ethics, opinion and scientific and medical understanding. This is in itself immoral as it creates and teaches ignorance not knowledge.

The need and morality of abortion are laws in every way possible and to continually threaten them because of personal, political and emotional reasoning based on ignorance and deep down misogynistic feeling and understanding is in every way immoral, unethical and uncivilized. We are a civilized world or we are barbarians. Abortion helps keep us civilized and progressive and that is what life is and always has been about. Fight abortion and you are waging a war against our world and civilization. We have our problems for sure and truly abortion isn’t one of them.


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