My Prayer for Peace

I’m in recovery from PTSD. Sometimes its hard. When fear and pain take over and reason and meaning leave you. It is at times like these I have learnt to pray. It helps. If you believe in God or good or neither, there is still a part of every heart that understands and feels prayer. It brings peace and strength to mine. I hope it will do the same for yours.

I’m sharing my prayer for tonight. My prayer is a call for peace within my own heart and for all of us fighting the battle of righteousness and life.

My Peace Prayer

I pray for strength:
to love myself, to be myself, to trust myself.

I pray for mercy
For myself,
for those like myself
Who need it
And love
And understanding as well.

I pray for love and mercy in all hearts
So all who need it, can always find it.

There is nothing in this world that cannot be cured by love. I pray the world comes to know and understand this.

I pray the world
Stops being afraid
And all fears cease
As love grows.

I pray that all who need it
Know love and care
And that love and care
Are no longer the prisoner
Of hate and fear.
Of shame, doubt and guilt.

I pray all will find strength, truth and courage. For without these we will never know God, good or greatness.

I pray that
Hate, fear, ignorance and spite
will learn to despise the hate in themselves, just as they taught the good and pure, meek and powerless to despise the truth, innocence, beauty in themselves.

I pray for peace, love, hope and justice
And the courage we all need
To see them once again
Finally, crowned king.

I pray for:

All the feelings, dreams and hopes of the young and brave- Hope, helped, made real.

All the tears, fears and pain of the pure, meek, innocent and mild- Need, understood, healed, made right.

All the love, passion and purpose
that is life, love and meaning- Life, hoped for, strived for, made life.

In his name, for his sake and for that which he loved- humanity, good and God, I pray.

Dear God, bless me tonight and this prayer. I pray tonight for life and for love. In Jesus name.



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