For the AR Activist: Freeing Yourself From Anger


We’ve all seen the images. Constant and graphic, littering our Facebook feed and daily lives. Pictures of smiling hunters or psychopaths, gleefully and proudly displaying the results of their sick indifference, feelings and desires. Animal suffering of horrific degrees and the callous, noncomprehending audiences and consumers. These images, posted online, seem to be and often are taunts to the animal rights community as we are the ones who care and have to witness them. Rage and anger are the first reaction of most of us and its completely understandable.

Its very easy to get angry at animal abuse and respond in anger. I think every activist goes through that stage and has those moments. But over all, in activism, just as in life, anger is a debilitating and disempowering emotion. Its aim is to shield the person from the reality they are seeing or witnessing. As an AR activist that seems necessary at times and sometimes its inescapable. But you need to take a step away from anger and see it as just another form of denial.

Feel the abuse you see in your heart. It won’t break you and you will continue and be stronger. Activism without inner anger, with forceful calm is stronger and healthier too for the activist. Anger doesn’t really do anything helpful. Love and reason do alot more even if they seem the slow and steady route. That is what wins the war and keeps everyone happy, healthy and able to carry on as well.

If you’re angry, feel angry and then let it go. The next time you see an act of abuse, feel sad, feel heartbroken, feel your love. Just say goodbye to anger and pledge to not let it control you and your responses. Love is stronger than the horror we see. Don’t let that horror dictate your emotions for you. That’s what abuse does and is done for; it controls your emotions and you health and wellbeing. Say no to that and aim to free yourself from it.

It does take some time and work to get to this point. It gets better as an activist as you become stronger and less angry and your love grows stronger as well. Hang in there and seek to love, not hate always. Peace and love to you all beautiful people!


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