How To Do a Proper Vegan Cleanse

A juice cleanse isn’t cleansing, it’s fasting. Fasting isn’t really healthy unless you’re overweight or unhealthy. The purpose of a cleanse is to rid your body of the toxic “foods” people eat. This includes salt, sugar, vinegar, yeast, alcohol. And for non vegans, animal products as well.

Traditional Yogi fasts also prohibit onion, garlic, and peppers as they are too stimulating to the senses. I agree. They make me hyper and super hungry, so for a peaceful, pure cleanse I eliminate them as well.

There are real benefits to cleansing. I don’t as I have eliminated all the foods we need to detox from, from my regular diet. For those, even vegans who eat the typical, western, salt, sugar and yeast diet, a 3 to 21 day clease is a great idea. Just make sure to take a complete multivitain daily, one that’s free of harmful ingredients as well.

healthy cleanse :
(Note: You will be probably eating the same amount of calories but without the toxic, harmful additives. This isn’t a diet cleanse.)

1. Eat all the fruits and vegetables you want daily, plus up to 2 cups of the raw nuts and seeds as well. Soy can be included in the form of edamame beans and soy milk. Eat plain or season with only lemon juice, organic canola or safflower oil, pepper, stevia leaf powder, and herbs. No hot spices.

2. Add 1-3 cups raw gluten free oats daily if desired.

3. Drink only filtered, or plain distilled water, freshly squeezed juice, herbal tea, decaf tea and salt and sugar-free plant-based milks. Drink at least 4-6 full glasses of water a day. Your diet will provide the rest.

4. Eat oats with fresh squeezed orange juice or plant milk. You don’t have to cook rolled oats or even soak them overnight. Top with fruit and nuts, and sweeten with organic applesauce, chia jam, peanut butter, banana and/or stevia leaf powder.

5. Relax and enjoy the natural flavours and goodness. Make eating a peaceful time, and enjoy the break.

6. You will be training your tastebuds to a healthier , more natural diet so even if you are craving salt, sugar and spiciness stick to it.

7. Follow this cleanse for 3-21 days.

I don’t cleanse because my regular diet’s completely free of all harmful ingredients. Its pretty easy actually to eat completely clean always. I have been doing so for 8 years, and I truly believe its the secret to eternal life and youth.

(Here are some examples of foods you can eat on this cleanse. You definitely won’t feel deprived.)

Watermelon mint cooler with sparkling water, fresh watermelon juice and mint tea.

The perfect snack: organic seedless grapes.

Salad made with edaname, necterines, peas and organic sweet corn. I added a a little orange juice and oil with pepper, mustard powder and stevia leaf powder as seasonings.

Nice cream made with soy milk, pureed bananas and strawberries, topped with trail mix.

Raw oats with fruit and nuts. Just add stevia leaf powder, plant milk and enjoy!


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