What’s Wrong With the World: Our Status Quo

There is so much hate, sin and selfishness in the world. Hate targeted at animal rights and environmental activists; those who are peaceful, have class and maturity; those who speak and stand by the truth; those who are smart, right and fearless; those who are poor; those who shun capitalist values and those who care, share, pray, worship and give. That’s basically everyone good, so no wonder terrorists, haters and people of low intellect, character and class are still thriving and winning. It is happening because it is our status quo and to change and fix life, we must change it as well.

The situation is very bad and is destroying our world and planet. So how can we help fix and save ourselves, our world and create a better, sane, smart status quo? Is it possible? Yes it is, and yes we can. Here’s how:

Don’t support our current status quo.
Its the worst; the bottom class, far right and far left, and the mega billionaire rich ruling us all for hate, sin and greed’s sake. Robbing, raping and destroying. Possessing and destructing our culture and world, not to rebuild it,  but to own it all and gloat over its destruction, to gain power and rulership from others pain, loss and fear. It sounds like a nightmare and really in many ways it really is.

I like many try to look on the bright side of life, but the down side and troubles are too real and too devastating to ignore. I’m an activist, and over the past ten years I have seen the impressive work the activist community has done. We have kept the world safe and green. Protected beloved animals and begun many good revolutions. This is why people still love life, why its still pleasant. But all this work and care has been kept outside the mainstream, the status quo. Our low, mean and ignorant status quo  has insured that and this really needs to change.

Be courageous. Understanding and action will save our world.
Think for yourself, do research, and listen to others, so you know the facts. Vote smart, sane and for the progressive, and established. Live life kindly, fairly, responsibly and civilly. Live greenly, live cleanly, live vegan. Grow up and care. Change if you need to. Think outside the box and step outside your comfort zone if you’re moved or alarmed or care. Question hate and ignorance and don’t tolerate it. You have a voice , a mind and heart, and its time we all used ours.

Life has become alot like the classic 1970s song “One Tin Soldier”. The bottom class, far sides and greedy top class, the few, joining forces to kill off the many and take over the mountain from the good, caring and peaceful mountain activist people.

They really need to be stopped before they succeed. For under our stone, our treasure is only the message “Peace on earth, love life, be fair and kind to all, love animals and our planet and eat only plants!” That’s our riches and its well worth fighting and winning for.


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