What the world needs now

According to hype, buzz and media, this is what’s amazing these days: Nude pictures of Kardasians! Commuter spaceships! Lightening speed transport! Cloning! Teleportation! Same hour drone deliveries! Celebrity and royalty fashion and lives! So fabulous I’m sure but what is happening to the world in the meantime?

For me, what would be amazing is if all people stopped releasing remembrance balloons, stopped polluting and littering, stopped harrassing wildlife, stopped leaving pets and children in hot cars, stopped committing crimes and cruelty. If we all voted, voted smart and for all people. If we voted for and had basic income for all. If we saved the elephants, whales and rhinos  and all other endangered species, as well as our earth and oceans. If kindness and courtesy, class, maturity, intelligence and the truth became cool again. If rape and child, animal and domestic abuse were unheard of and all homeless and mentally ill people had the homes and care they need.

Amazing should be about people and humanity. Technology has had the spotlight long enough. Its time for human greatness and progress.

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