Liberty and Responsibility

Humans need two things: one, freedom to live, be and do as they please and two, the understanding that there is a responsibility, that comes with this freedom, to not cause harm. If you cannot guarantee both, then you need then to establish bans, laws, mores and a status quo that do.

The issues of liberty and responsibility are the foundation of civilized life and it all found its start in the Bible. As an animal rights activist this has relevance to me, as it raises the often debated idea of human’s dominance over animals. Dominance over animals, granted by God to Adam in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, must be read by intelligent governments and people to include the unspoken but obvious need for mercy, fairness and kindness as well. Its important because of this. The understanding that dominance requires a sense of responsibility as well, put into art and action, thought and law,  is how our civilized world grew and advanced.

The awareness and practice of our liberty and the equally powerful need to be responsible and fair, are the building blocks from all we know, all life has risen from. Its very basic and simple, intuitive, yet in times of turmoil and unrest, often completely disregarded, misused and misunderstood.

Humanity’s at a crossroads as a democratic and civilized culture. We are increasingly under threat by the demands of freedom and the rising refusal to accept the responsibility that comes with it. We must look at this as it is a growing problem. Maybe its time to revisit the building blocks of civilized thought and address and readdess issues and mores that have been ignored, like animal rights, or have changed, due to increased knowledge. From this we can create new and improved set of laws, standards, mores and status quo. Many of the ones we have now are definitely not harmless and are causing a steep decline in our culture.

Its time to fix life and politics proactively and reexamining the question of liberty vs responsibility and changing it back to liberty and responsibility is, in my opinion, the key.


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