The truth will set us free

Just as all matter is science, all truth is reason. Meaning all truth can be backed up with data, facts, known information.  You can apply this to any debate: abortion, Hillary Clinton, the rightness of animal rights, veganism. In these and all cases, you will find only on one side of the debate is reason applied. They are definitely examples of fact vs feelings and sadly fact is often losing these days. As well, collective, accepted morality is a truth and based on reason. It too is absent in much of our debates and discord online and in life.

To end the endless debates and inaction of governments , we need to accept the truth: there are right/wrong answers to all issues. Politicians need to collect the truth, data, information and believe it and respond to it in kind and not spend their time and our resources appeasing courting and mollifying feelings based pressure and groups.

People respect fact and the truth. This is why animal rights and veganism are spun so they’re considered feeling, not fact based. Logic and known information are ignored as well as data, statistics. They are purely fact based but spun so government and people don’t feel bad about creating a world of cruelty and making it okay with lies. This is the essence of evil. Lies spun to be true, and those who gain profit or pleasure from it and its creation.

Remember this in your next debate. Come armed with fact and don’t let strong feeling intimidate you. The truth will set us free and it always needs to be said.

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