Racism: Its all bad

Racism is alive and well on Facebook. For example: imagine if I commented on every black or white crime about how much I hate all those people, their countries should be bombed or called them derogatory words. I’d be attacked and unfriended for being racist. But if its Asian, its okay to be racist.

Sadly, it seems like its very cool to be racist these days, even in activist communities. Seriously, you can talk all you want about white privilege but all it means is that its 2016 and you’re still to slow to understand racism is wrong even if its socially acceptable or not.  And we wonder why western culture is in decline.

I agree Asian atrocities against animals are amongst the worst in the world but it doesn’t make hating an entire race okay. That’s not activism, its racism and hate, meaning that the evil of those individuals is stronger than your love for animals. Its easy to feel hate but doesn’t help animals. Hate evil, if you must hate, not groups of people. Racism is wrong and being an activist or animal lover doesn’t give you a free pass card to be racist. There are many good, animal loving Asians, Muslims and Jewish people and activists. Remember that they next time you comment or rant against them.

People are people and need to be judged as such. Blanket condemnation as is given these days to Asian, Muslim and Jewish people is wrong, harmful and just keeps fear and hate going. Just as all good and right is connected, all bad and wrong are also connected. There are two teams in life the good and the bad, and you should make sure, if you believe yourself to be on the good team, that you abide by its rules of fairness, honesty and truth, and not pitch for the opposing team whenever the going get tough.

Hate harms everything. People who rile your hate aren’t worth your time, energy and emotion. Fight them and their actions but hating them is just weak and makes ineffective activism. Hate only “keeps lit a path, but never a smile.” The activist job is to make the world smile and understand why they should smile. Make them love animals and why they should. Don’t go off with hate and racism whenever evil people act. That’s just weak and dumb and ultimately disempowers yourself, your activism and the entire community.

To be fair, it is only a small part of the activism community who engage in racism. Most don’t and many speak out against it. But it is still present and we must do more than unfriend these people. We need to speak up about it and recently activists have been doing that. We are here for animals but it doesn’t empowers our cause to hate humanity.

Be a lover and an activist because no power is stronger and no purpose more important or great. Thank you for reading!


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