We Shall Overcome

The crazy world continues. Trump was elected president and I join the world, this morning, in shocked, shunned disbelief. It is very hard to fathom the extent people’s dedication to the lowest elements. Trumps win is a victory based on unwarranted, nonsensical resentment, hate and ignorance  but that really is what defines far politics and their candidates.

 Trump’s win does seem to be a victory for those people, the haters of progress and change. We in the animal rights community have been fighting them for 10 years now so I understand what its like. But truthfully, the tides do turn when intelligent argument, hope and truth refuse to give up and go away.

We may be in for hard times but I think if we stand together we can emerge stronger and better off than ever. Trump and his supporters rule by fear and hate, ignorance and weakness and we need to prove love, hope, faith, understanding and strength is stronger than that, the true power.

 What this election really pointed out was life, these days, is all about lies and control of the truth- the far right and left game. Its true bad and evil continues to rule and rise but so to does good and great and we must remember losses aren’t the end of the battle , just a part of the journey and are a good reason to renew commitment to good and the good fight and within your soul and self. 

We will keep on fighting and if we love, think, try and work hard, we will win. This is what required and accepting the losses along the way a part of  what will make us united, smarter, better and ultimately successful.

So today: breathe, smile, hope, relax, chill out, mourn and release positively some of your anger, frustration. Then get up, back to life, work and the battle. Be strengthened and  grateful for the fact that  morethan half of the country didn’t vote for Trump and be grateful to these good people who care and understand life, see the truth behind the purposeful lies, true feelings behind the hate and spin.

 In love and mourning  I sign off. In hope and determination and with the inner peace that comes from love and truth. See you on the streets and social media fellow activists and good people! The battle continues and we can win it. Love, hope and peace in, today and forever.


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