What We Can Do: 4 year survival plan

I think most of us, worldwide, are in various states of shock and dismay. This may take a little while to wear off. We have suffered a great loss and now live with looming worry. This isn’t the outcome we expected, we told we could expect. But life goes on and it surely has.

Over the past two days people are rising up, carrying on and letting it all out. We have been beaten but not defeated. And we are now asking ourselves the  questions that have arisen: what comes next now that the nightmare has become reality? What can we do? Is there anything we can do? Is there reason to hope?

I’ve asked myself these questions as well and firmly believe there is. We can still hope because the majority of Americans and global citizen did not vote or hope for Trump. Because people have come together, refused to give up and helped each other out over the past two days. Because we can actually do alot over the next four years.

We can strengthen and maintain our majority of right, left and center people who voted against Trump.

We can unite communities and take this time to get know others, within the anti Trump camps, point of view.

We can create change in our culture, status quo, stop media, entertainment from Trump core feeding.

We can teach our children to be kind to each other, to stand up for those being bullied hated and terrorized. And provide the same example to them.

We can stop being drawn into meaningless hate battles with their winding lies and logic. We can refuse them and fight instead with love and truth.

We can survive the battles, losses and we can win.

We can continue everyday with the love and care and protest that we have exhibited over the past two day.

We can survive the battles, losses and we can win.

This is a game plan and one thats strong enough to survive, thwart and delay Trump and his team and allow us to emerge stronger, sure and better than we were before. Then this will not happen again. Thats how peace is made.

(pic: courtesy of BlogTO)


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