Drones: Too much futurism?

While I’m fine with drones for some uses, such as police and rescue work, professional photography, and not worried about drones for personal use, as long as their well regulated to avoid disturbance, intrusion and privacy issues, I am totally against drones being used as business and delivery tools. It may be cheaper but people need those jobs so why eliminate them? Big companies can afford employees. Its a civic responsibility to hire people unless greed is the bottom line.

Plus and most importantly, the skies are the only area of our planet that hasn’t been completely destroyed and polluted by humans constant, frantic, annoying presence. It’s still peaceful and bird’s home. We need to stop being so selfish, and tech focused and balance the needs of natures and human’s need for peace with commerce/tech demands and say no to business drones. Tech is supposed to enhance life, natural life, not replace or harm it and I think the commonplace use of drones for business crosses that line.

In our world saying no to any technological advance is pretty difficult. The futuristic/tech lobby is pretty strong but peace, beauty, and nature matter equally. Limits are what enjoyable life is all about, and the tech movement need to accept that. Tech changed our world and very positively, but now has become increasingly immature, silly and anti nature and aggressive, as it is now more of a commerce driven world. There is still lots of innovation and improvement going on, brilliant, practical application but robot dogs, our sky filled with delivery drones and everything and everyone in business life automated? No thank you. I much prefer real life and interacting with real living creatures and beings.

Tech gave us computers, cell phones, apps and social media, which is all good. And they also gave us games, virtual reality and AI. These are neat and fun but as the premier force in life-no. Its all gamer boy futuristic but its adults running the show and for money, so its equally creepy and uncool now. We are a part of nature. To continue to destroy, ignore and intrude upon it is wrong.

This push to AI goes well with the far right and left hate of peace, beauty, nature and maturity. Their hate of humanity and animals,of love, work and hope. And many leading the super futuristic charge are the super rich, creators of the millennial brand , which has been very profitable for them. Alot of it is the powers seeing the commercial potential of the young and giving them virtual power as long as they buy. This world is purely tech driven and focused. Its a new take on a long old story and one that will hopefully turn out all right once people take a look and put the brakes on this drive to a pure capitalism and anti-humanity, anti nature future.

Intelligence and maturity involve knowing what perfection is, when to stop, how to say no and how to create peace, peaceful balance.A world without beauty and nature, peace, quiet and respect for wildlife and their space is a hellish future, which is the direction we are going.

Capitalism isn’t only a far right love. They may be drilling, raping and clear cutting our planet to death, but so are the far left and their insistence on constant futurism and gamer apocalypse style and reality, most of it very dark, dystopian and hyper-violent, anti-animal and child, misogynistic and pornographic. It all equals big profits and that sadly remains the bottom line in our culture.

Both the far right and left can mock the “squares”, the bird, wildlife and nature lovers but it’s our world too, and if the natural world loses, we all lose. Tech has its limits. It can, for example, build machines to pollinate plants to a small degree but it cannot replicate a world full of the beauty of birds, bees and butterflies. Not a complex or difficult to grasp idea but one that is clearly too intellectual for the anti-nature and peace and balance forces. Its all or nothing and with the speed and direction they’re going, it will be nothing for all and that’s the sad but real truth, one that it’s time for us all to wake up to.




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