Political Correctness:The High Road

Political correctness is now officially out in the USA as it was one of the things that was apparently making America so ungreat. It was according to complaints, too complex and racist to white people and their right to freedom of expression.

This is, of course, just crazy excuses and denial, as its hardly an infringement of anyone’s human rights to be kind and courteous to all. It doesn’t hurt anyone to be considerate to others feelings, and it’s not an attack when someone speaks up about being offended.

If you can choose any Halloween costume in the world, why choose one that is racial and cultural, one that’s guaranteed to make certain people uncomfortable or offended. This also goes for racist imagery. I have seen some pretty awful “coolie” art and Asian stereotyping lately. This is offensive to many, myself included. I’m not super easily offended, but the image of a “coolie”, a Chinese slave or indentured worker, is the same as an image of a Mammy- highly offensive.

I understand people don’t mean to be offensive or derogatory. But if you are upsetting someone, then you should consider that perhaps you are giving offense. It is, at least, a good opportunity for dialouge. Maybe the way to understand each others feelings is to talk about them. But admittedly thats hard, especially in the current climate of hate and mutual defensiveness.

When people stop arguing their right to their racist past culture, and instead try to listen, care and consider how others feel and why, then maybe they will chose the high road, the one that doesn’t hurt anyone, and one that leads to peace and harmony in the nation instead of what is currently the norm.

Racism is a sore topic to many, and perhaps its something that needs to be understood by all sides involved. Healing our world begins when we start healing ourselves, and racism does remain a rather profusely bleeding wound in many people’s hearts.

We can’t win by hating each other, and by not caring or considering ourselves equal and the same, despite our surface and cultural differences. Equality, understanding, and respect are all peace requires and are what’s really missing from life.


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