Changing the world for animals

13323298_10157022603200422_8308840611228596384_oSome people get so defensive in regard to animal rights because they feel they are being blamed. That’s really not the case. It’s not about blame. In our culture and world animal abuse is normal. What animal rights activists are doing is just opening people’s eyes, hearts and mind to the abuse so it becomes unnormalized and untolerated.

It’s like going into drug treatment or the 12 Steps program. No one’s blaming you for using drugs or the bad things you did when an addict. Its just getting you see it is bad, harmful and selfish. Meat and all animal products/exploitation are equally an addiction, and people need the same steadfast guidance, support and direction to get them to see the light and change their ways.

It’s pretty hard as an AR activist to remain calm, peaceful and positive in the face of such horrors that are visited upon animals everyday. Occasionally we lose it, fight back in anger. That’s fine, human, and probably necessary for our mental health and wellness. But overall, it’s not our aim. We’re not looking to fight. We are only trying to stop the abuse, the pain, fear, the needless torture and slaughter of animals. We are trying to get people to care, be informed and change. Our methods are peaceful, kind, direct and helpful. We genuinely care and are fighting for a real cause.

I think the animal rights community is very good at positive and peaceful protest, at being helpful, kind and reasonable; the hate, blame and hostility arise from pro animal abuse supporters. And our activism is working. Love, care, progress and peace are languages that humanity speaks and understands. The world is waking up to animal abuse and this is the first step on a much needed pathway of awareness, resolution and  change.


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