Peace on Earth, Peace in Syria


I posted these comments and thoughts the day after President Trump’s ordered airstrikes against Syria. While I do agree that actions against the Syrian government and President Assad must be taken and I have supported military intervention in the past, I think it time we as a world changed our response and way of dealing with despots, war crimes and war.

The long and very expensive war on terror had some effect but it didn’t end terror . Terrorism is a real and daily occurrence in our world. Our world has not yet fully recovered from 9/11 and its aftermath- war, homegrown terror, the spitting of our nations on political grounds and the hate, fear and rising intolerance it has arisen. I think  what we need now is a change; that the answer to bringing peace to the world is through peaceful methods, diplomacy. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

~ For everything there is season; a time for war and a time for peace. We have lived through centuries of war. They haven’t stopped. So now, perhaps its a time for peace and maybe that will bring an end to all war. We have never tried it before. It is time to give peace a chance.

~ Peace needs to happen so our world can move forward. Its perhaps time to give globally unified peaceful intervention and opposition a chance. Perhaps it will work where military might has overall failed and caused billions in debt and lost millions of lives. Our troops can be peace making troops without warfare. Its worth a try and it might just work.

~ Assad is definitely a war criminal with all the gas attacks and torturing to death of his own citizen “dissidents”, including children. The challenge is how to bring peace to Syria, remove him, and help establish democracy and let Syria begin to build by peaceful means.

~ The belief that bullies and despots can’t be cowed, and overthrown without immense losses to good people is probably one of the things that is gravely wrong with our world. We must never stop fighting tyranny and evil, but nothing is stopping us from finding better, smarter, more effective, peaceful and long lasting ways to do so.

~The problems of mass immigration, displacement and migration are largely created by  war. We need to help nations create lasting peace. Can we do that by military might. Maybe temporarily. Can we do it without military might? Possibly and with much less loss of life, damage and expense and perhaps permanently. So why not give peace a chance?

~ The first world had its wars but was built upon democracy and peace. We need to be good stewards of this tradition and help all nations create the same lasting peace we have by helping them establish the same building blocks of peace.Can this be done by war? Perhaps and perhaps not. Can it be done by peace? Perhaps, very possibly and perhaps its time we found out for sure.

At this time I think its fair to say no one has all the answers as to how to create world peace. But to many, the idea that war can or is the only way, no longer makes sense. It is one of the challenges of our time to find a way that does make sense, that works, and ends forever the bloodshed, tragedies and insanity of war.


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