No Alcohol, No Problem

It’s pretty sad that we as a society are really against drunk driving and teen rape, but also, as a society, adhere to the peer pressure belief that you need to drink to be cool/adult/throw a good party. It’s a real social stigma, and one that costs people their lives and health. Once the stigma of being a non drinker is fine and doesn’t equal being a non human, then perhaps we’ll see such tragedies stop.

Children learn from adults and society. The fact teen parties are almost always drinking parties these days, and in many cases, sexual misconduct occurs, should be a red flag if we care about our children well being and safety. The adult peer pressure to drink is strong as well. To be taken seriously, to be an adult, to be a good host, to be glamorous and sophisticated, you need to serve and drink alcohol.That’s fine for most but not for alcoholics. Alcoholism is a real disease and to make the cure- abstinence- uncool is hardly helpful or fair to those suffering from this disease.

There are many recovering alcoholics out there, I’m one of them -sober 17 years and forever! Out of respect for us think about throwing the occasional alcohol free party or making one of the big holidays such as Canada Day, New Year’s Eve, an alcohol free one. Life is beautiful and you can socialize, dance, talk, have fun, fall in love without alcohol. Society doesn’t really seem to believe this, and that’s something that really should change.

If you can drink safely, then that’s fine. I’m not against alcohol. But if you can’t, then sometimes you need a little help and support, and society really should be the ones giving it. We can’t afford to lose so many people to drunk drivers, or have to sit through rape trials involving children. Being a non drinker is fine, and cool, and its time we as a society and party givers, friends stood up for that, helped bring an end to the end of both teen, and adult alcohol peer pressure, and welcomed the occasional non alcoholic party or celebration. This freeing up of social “rules” is important and just one of the little things that could help brings some peace into the world, people lives, and help end alot of its tragedies.



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