On Me, You and Everybody

I’m happy to be able to say that, as an adult, I have developed the qualities, values and ethics that I always admired when I was younger, and I work hard to sustain and improve upon them. I’ve probably always had them, but like most people didn’t always act upon them. That’s a part of being a human being, in our world. Its hard sometimes to sustain a solid, ethical core. I am hopeful this will change some day.

In terms of personal values and ethics, I have the liberal, strongly democratic, socialist, progressive and compassionate views and ethics of the liberal left, and the social conservatism, common sense and strict adherence to values and manners of establishment/ moderate conservatives. Although both sides are often politically opposite, both sides have alot in common actually. Both have a deep respect and demand for decency, sense and sanity and both have the same need for moderation, common sense, understanding and respect for the truth, what’s right, and zero tolerance for hate, bottom feeding and ignorance. These two sides are basically what western culture is made of and those who respect, and adopt it, or grow up in it, tend to share a mix of both to various degrees.

Up until the recent few decades, most of society was a moderate blend. Now those who are dogmatically far to one side or the other are the power and force, and have changed our political and social landscape to very little benefit, and a great deal of harm. In our world, where both sides have at least some of the right answers, right paths and right, good ideas and ideals, we need to stop tolerating this extremism and allow for mutual learning, understanding cooperation and growth. That’s how maturity happens, and politically and socially, we as a world really need to grow up.

We really need to create a unified majority. If the world is always split between conservatives and liberals, left and right thinking, ideas and ideals, it cannot be split between good and bad thinking, ideas and ideals which is really a more accurate and helpful, political and social stand. If the good and smart of both sides would unite, we would be a real force. Left and right-together marching forward, each with its own projects and focus, but not undoing the work of the other. That’s how to create a government that works, always, no matter who wins. Together, humanity, the power of the people, can then do all the miracles our hearts, souls that various religions teach us is the entire point, and goal of life.

This blog is the result of thoughts created by 12 years of online sharing and debate as an animal rights and social activist. This process has been hard sometimes but has really allowed me to grow in my opinions and thinking.

Online debate is a good thing as we grow through discussion and keeping our minds open to others. It’s not good when hate or dogmatic ignorance tries to shut down this natural and very essential process. We must keep on discussing, debating, defending, debunking and sharing. This way, together we will grow and learn, and become the people we need to be to bring real change, and peace to our world.


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