Omar Khadr: The High Cost of War and of Peace

Its been raging for two days now: the debate, following the stunning announcement of our government paying former child terrorist Omar Khadr a $10.5 million settlement. I personally was shocked. After ten years of patriotically hating Omar Khadr, it seemed to be an unbelievable decision for our government to make. But then I thought about … Continue reading Omar Khadr: The High Cost of War and of Peace

Austerity: The Politics That Kills

Austerity is a political system and economic philosophy that benefits very few people. Those it benefits are only the very rich and those who derive emotional benefit from its policies and ideology. Its a bully, abusive, selfish and non compassionate policy and its proud of it. Small and medium size businesses and even large ones … Continue reading Austerity: The Politics That Kills