Austerity: The Politics That Kills

Austerity is a political system and economic philosophy that benefits very few people. Those it benefits are the very rich, and those who derive emotional benefit from its policies and ideology. Its a bullying, abusive, selfish and noncompassionate policy, and its proud of it. Small and medium-size businesses and even large ones are hurt by it. It means lost businesses, and jobs, and a continually declining economy. That leads to lack of revenue for the government, a cutting back of services and infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. That leads to a third world reality where a few very rich own everything, and the many become poor, poorer, suffer and die.

This isn’t new, it began in the 1980s, with Thatcherism in the UK and with Reagan in the USA. The net result is what we are living in now: a nearly third world world, a global mess of poverty, and extreme wealth, and a dwindling, struggling middle class. Its all brought about by those who avow a hate of elitism, inequality and politics that don’t work and hurt the common man. They are brought about by the common man, as a bid to align themselves with whom they obviously see as the winners. The bullies and abusers, the dumb creeps who mock everyone at school, working hard and win, just because their father is rich.

Austerity is bad for many reasons, but especially in the fact that while it mirrors western culture, professes to the embodiment of it, it is, in fact, it’s diametric opposite. Its combines mercilessness with serious lacks of wise and good judgement. That is what the western world was based upon: mercy and wise, good judgment. It has served us well as nations and people. To cut that from western experience and our political landscape is to create a new reality, one we haven’t seen in the First World since the 1700s and the rise of civilized, enlightened culture. It is a policy of indifference, and supported by hate, ignorance, fear and selfishness.

People also vote for it out of racism, and hate of foreigners, and in the guise of fear of losing western cultural integrity, and reality. It is a guise, or shows a deep lack of understanding as austerity is, in fact, the politics and economics the Third World was built upon and is maintained by. As for our culture, it’s as lost, and down and out as it has ever been. There is no cultural integrity in the west; its been sold out by the rich and greedy, the hateful, fearful, low, violent, stupid and resentful, the far sides of political and religious life and those who feed and support them, mainly conservative politicians and the alot of the mainstream media and entertainment.

As we move forward into our new century, we really need to ask ourselves: Is this the world we want? If so, we will get it as we are the ones creating it and buying into it, and unless we are very rich, we will lose, suffer and die because of it.

Liberals and democratic socialist politicians can save and fix the world. They have proven they can, but are rarely elected into power or kept in power these days. The moderate mainstream middle and working classes can as well, although they tend to, due to distrust of liberalism and the cultural/educated class, to vote down and to the far sides. The net result is that stupidity and hate are running and ruling our world, and driving it into the ground. This needs to stop and soon for our planets, for animals and for everyone sake.

This is still a beautiful, free world and there’s still alot of good, care, beauty and justice in it. These things diminish as austerity takes hold and power. To stop it, we need to decide to say no to it, and to move humanity to a better place. A better humanity is a better world and if no one is willing to change, grow, learn, grow up or progress then neither will our world. We are the ones destroying our beautiful planet and world and we are the only ones who can put an end to it. And this is what we must do and really, starting today.


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