How to Fix Our World

In our bottom on top, greedy money and low class/intellect status quo on top world, where we live in a state of social communism, where all opinions matter and have equal validity, no matter the morality and intellect involved, we have lost all boundaries, standards, and moral and sensical code. That’s why Trump is in power and why haters and anti animal rights trolls always have to have their say, and get their way.

In life we need sanity, standards, smart limits and a hierarchy where the best and brightest are on top, the stupid, sinful, sick and cruel are on the bottom, have no say, no power, and are not tolerated, and the lives that matter are those who enhance life, and can and do live in it peacefully, productively and positively.

This sounds in our far left world like Nazism but its actually the opposite. Its the was the way things were when liberals ran the world and conservatives were moderate, stylish and sane. The world was really going in the right direction from the late 1950s until the mid 1990s and it’s really time to go back to those magical years, and pick up where we left off, and continued to build upon the great changes that have come about over the past decade or so of global and national revolt, resistance and care.


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