What Animal Rights is About

In arguments about animal rights, those who oppose the idea, ideas and aims of the movement, seem to forget or haven’t a clue about what animal rights is about.

Animal rights is not about people. Its about animals and their welfare. It’s true that people need to make changes to accommodate animal rights but truthfully, these changes are all either non harmful or very helpful to humanity. They are positive, progressive changes and there is not one aspect of animal rights that denies humans their rights, depletes life of its enjoyability or is a negative, destructive or digressive thing.

Animal use, exploitation and abuse is all bad, so ending it is all good. And it is entirely for and about animals, and their right and ability to live in peace, enjoy life and enjoy rights that humans have, all life must have. This is progress, and the only people it hurts are those who don’t want life, our world, planet and humanity to get better. Who don’t want a peaceful, progressive and perfect world.




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