Saying No to Hate in Charlottesville 

lead_960I think today’s tragedy is the result of much hate and ignorance. There has been and is much courage and honor in taking a stand against it. In Nazi Germany, there were no protesters. That’s why we must protest and speak up always.

It’s so wrong to kill and injure those who are standing up against hate and keeping America free and safe for all Americans. The enemy is really showing themselves. The enemy aren’t cops; they’re Nazis and the KKK and pro confederates. The battle ground is not with the police, it’s with these people and groups, with confederacy. To help end racism in America you need to look at these people, at the celebrating of confederacy because that’s the home of it.

This tragic event is stealing the spotlight from the true news-the removal of a General Lee statue. This matters because dismantling confederacy is dismantling racism and a divided America. Its been nearly 200 years; its time to focus on this hate and divide, and to bring America to a state of truly being an United States of America.

To do so we need to strongly support, applaud, and embrace the removal of statues and flags that continue to create a rally point and memorial of an ignorant, and shameful past. And continue, everyday and in every way, to peacefully protest its protectors, propagators, and the hate and ignorance that also refuses to die or end.

I still stand by all lives matters: black, Jewish, Muslim, LGBT, cisgendered, police, white and non white, as all good lives are threatened by this hate and all must unite to fight it.


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