Dominion and Humanity

In reply to the Christian hunter argument that the Bible says God gave us dominion over animals, yes, it does say that, but clearly the understanding of what the word dominion means is missing. Dominion means power over, it’s not permission to kill or abuse.

A man has dominion over his wife and children, but that doesn’t mean he is allowed to abuse or kill them. Humanity has dominion over animals, but that doesn’t give us a right to abuse or kill them either. In any society, the measure of a man is in how he treats his wife and family. It is equally true, that the measure of a nation and humanity is in how it treats its wildlife and animals.

How we exercise our dominion over animals will be the final, and perhaps greatest test of our soul and humanity. Kindness, care, mercy and assistance is the proven smarter, better and greater way. Killing, lethal culls, cruelty, indifference and hate is the opposite. This is the battle that has been going on for a while now, and while there has been improvement, we still have a long way to go until we are genuinely, in regard to animals, moral, enlightened and compassionate humans. This matters as humanity needs to progress and change, concern itself with its soul, as these are the keys to a healthy and peaceful, productive and sustained society.

When we pass this test and clear this hurdle by just saying no to the haters, idiots, sin mongerers, harmers and psychopaths who make up the cruelty lobby, we will be alot closer to heaven on earth, and all good things will then be possible, probable and acknowledged common sense.


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