Creating a Vegan World


In regard to vegan meat, dairy and other vegan products and foods versus non vegan foods, the truth is they taste as good or much better, they are much healthier and best for the world and planet and end cruelty to animals. So why do the masses avoid them? There are three reasons why a person would ignore these facts and stick with a unhealthy, unappetizing carnist diet, why people don’t eat vegan foods. They are:

1. They believe they shouldn’t.

2. They are told they shouldn’t.

3. People around them tell them they shouldn’t.

Even the trolls and haters we experience online and in person have the same needs and taste as we vegans do. So their refusal to accept vegan food as a viable alternative shows that below the hate,ignorance and fear, there is a mind set that disallows belief and change, one deeply rooted in conformity. So really, our mission is changing the sane, good masses, the media and the rest will follow.



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