Opinion: Right, Wrong and Yours

For everything in life, there is a right and wrong answer. So if you believe the wrong answer, then don’t say its just an opinion. It’s not just an opinion, its either a right or wrong opinion.
Debate and grey areas create shade for people to hide from the truth, and their true feelings. Debate over history and reverse discrimination are the grey areas that keep racism from being blamed as the blatant cause of opposition to removal and reconciliation. Debate over animal rights, conservation and basic kindness and decency to animals hides the immaturity, selfish pride, hate and sickness of its debators as obviously the right opinion in all areas of fact, reason, logic and Christian civilized values is to be kind to animals.
Trolling and idiotic debate keeps us all mired in the grey areas of life. It’s the inactive zone, the war zone of life. To end it, bring sunshine and the true calm of peace to all places, we need to all understand and stand by the right answers in all things. This is easy to do. Read the facts, accept far politics and peer pressure aren’t always the truth, and be brave enough to admit to your ignorance and if you’ve been misled. Coming up with to or getting to the right answers takes only a minimum of care and attention, and the results in our world, are strong, lasting and great. Anyone can have the right opinions, and in our age of decline, doubt and despair, everyone really must.

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