On Class

Class is really what’s running politics these days. Populous issues are really class issues. In the UK with austerity and its elitism government, and the USA with their strictly bottom class politics and ideology. The majority mainstream voting high or low, siding with extremism and hate, but never for themselves or a unified correct political and social world. Its a mess and it really needs to be fixed.

All classes can and should get along as all classes have things they can bring to the table. The upper class brings glamour, wisdom, and well bred class, and the middle and lower class, good feelings, fun and good common sense. Each class has what the other needs and together creates a nice, normal whole. When there is too much separation or complete separation of classes imbalance, cruelty, mistrust and misconceptions, and incomprehensible attitudes and behaviors are created, sustained and become emblematic of the class.

Class mingling is a good and necessary thing for a peaceful, pleasant, happy world. Elitism, cruelty culture, crassism and low classism are what happens when snobbery and resentment are allowed to reign and take hold, when class division are iron clad and each feels resentment, hostility towards each other. When elitism is praised and upheld even at the expense of the middle and lower classes. When culture and higher morality are virtually banned in favour of the low and crass.

Maintaining class resentment, and class power, is how unjust war is created. That’s why the far right and far left always support and rally around class difference. Its meant to make the upper classes feel anger, guilt and fear, the middle and lower, resentment, shame and hate. Its all wrong as its not class that’s the problem. Class is a normal part of life. Its poverty, low wages and unequal opportunity and rewards that’s the problem as well as the bad feelings these rifts and ignorance creates. The harmful, hateful policies of class divided politicians and governments. A basic income and other Liberal economic reforms could solve all this and fix most of the world’s problems as well. Changing people’s understanding on the topic of class is also necessary and beneficial.

The true upper class are not all rich and are rare and few. They aren’t the rich and famous or just the rich and famous. The middle and lower class are the world mainly. They drive most things. A world without the other is a world incomplete. We need each other, and together we need to fight the world’s problems.

We should rage against poverty and inequality, and we should also rage against elitism and snobbery, against crassness, cruelty and low classism. We should vote for the governments of the many, not the few. We should work to bring out the best in our fellow man and ourselves, no matter what class. This too is a part of saving and fixing our world and making it perfect, peaceful, pleasant, productive, and prosperous once again.


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