On Faith

People think of faith as some lofty, religious philosophical value or agenda. It really isn’t. Fath is what gives us the courage to live and fight. Anything that gives courage to good people we must honor, respect and be grateful for.

It’s lack of faith that causes inaction, inertia, and fear in alot of good people. Fear without faith is terror and hysteria. Its apathy and avoidance. It leads to fear-based policies, politics and practices.

A faithless world is a world without wisdom, leadership or purpose, without a heart and soul.

Faith doesn’t remove fear, it gives you the courage to walk through it, deny and resist it, fight against it. Good people are helped by it, as resistance is what we’re often called upon to do.

Faith, be it in humanity or God, in love or goodness, in the righteousness of your cause, in yourself and your love, gives us something bigger, more important, meaningful and powerful than fear to focus upon and to direct our actions.

Faith is a power and allows us to use our power. You don’t need to be religious to have it in your life or heart. It can help us all who are of good intention and purpose.


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