Perfection: The goal, not a dream

“I’m not perfect, I’m human” is an oft-spoken and well-regarded belief about the human situation. Perfection, and those who demand it are seen by many as overly demanding, fascist, unrealistic and unpleasant. This belief has sprung clearly into the forefront, as with all things these days, through its political implications.

The whole Trumper, birther, anti-progressive movement is a disdain for the notion that all things should be right and perfect, in harmony with all and nature. To these minds, all wrong, all imperfect is the way forward as it was the way of the past, their way. Perfection or its attempt is by and for sissies, is deeply unAmerican. If things are going well, perfection and peace are happening, then its time to fire the performers and director and go with the opposite.  It’s sad but true, and very harmful to life and our world. These people are fooling only themselves, ignorant to the fact evolution moves forward and there is no species on earth who devolves and survives.

In most cases art imitates life, but what we really need is for life to imitate art in the regard of perfection. People don’t complain about perfectionism in the arts. One brush stroke, one ugly sentence, one forgotten word, one misplaced movement and the entire piece is ruined. Ballet dancers, writers, members of an orchestra and actors in a play practice and rehearse and probably make alot of mistakes on their road to performance or publication but once they are there,  perfection is the only possible result.

Imagine a world where perfection was mocked and derided as wrong. Lapses in public safety, infrastructure and care, in political correctness and courtesy. In professionalism and behavior, work performance. Guess what- that world is here and ours and we have all felt the stress and fear that this sort of decline brings.

It does all begins with politics. We have practiced enough.We have made enough mistakes and allowed enough nonperfect candidates, policies, and programs into power, and onto the world stage. We have tolerated enough imperfect attitudes and acts. We know all the right answers and methods of finding the right answers. We know what beauty, truth, peace, grace and kindness, with their perfection in being, are. Like performers backstage, the liberal left are rehearsed and ready to go. On the moderate right, still picking its cast, its message and performances pieces. Meanwhile a non-performance and incompetent, unspectacular, proud to be imperfect amateurs have taken over on the stage. The rowdies have taken over the audience, have become the respected critics. To them perfection is an insult and suspect, something to be battered down and driven out by any means necessary. That is what they have been doing for the past 40 years, and increasingly successfully in the past two decades or so.

The show must always go on and the audience is growing numb and restless with impatience, disgust, derision, apathy, anxiety and regrets. You cannot blame them for that, its hard these days to feel anything other. Our feelings move life’s direction and we need to feel hope, love and inspiration, the things that perfection brings and gives. So let’s get organized, edited and in unison; where everyone knows their notes, the right notes and when to play them. Let’s have an unified piece, product in mind (let’s say heaven on earth, world peace, a safe, fair and well planet and world), and let those how can create perfection, who have the ability and talent to create, direct and star in it do so, and then we can all  be excited, buy our tickets, sit back and enjoy the performance.

Life is a grand show and perfection should not be a dream, but the goal. It’s possible, it’s realistic, it’s been done and being done, and for peace, prosperity and pleasure, its a necessity, in life as well as in art.




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