On Goodness and Why it Matters

Goodness is not only the point of life and humanity, it’s also its necessary force and power. Every religion and culture stresses this point; it’s the core of all human understanding and religion. Those who talk of free will are also right; we all have it and need it. But what we don’t need is to view bad as a choice instead of what it is, a failure and wrong. We do not choose badness, we choose to be good or we fail at our human task of being good. Bad is a failure at being good as good is the only point of life. We have the right to act as we see fit, but our mores , laws and culture all tell one tale, that we need to be good and life, pleasant, peaceful and progressing, depends upon it.

In our culture, bad is seen as a viable alternative lifestyle, opinion, and political stand. This is wrong. It’s not a stand, it’s sin and selfishness, a failure at being good. This alternate view of life is largely far right and far left based, supported by the media, social media, entertainment and other industries who profit from the acceptance of badness, and is allowed and kept in place by a public who has forgotten the point of life, of humanity. The point is to be good and 100% good and to gain, and let all gain the multiple rewards, physical, monetary, emotional and spiritual from it.

Crime and abuse aren’t the only ways of being bad. Disobeying the lessons and commandments of our good faiths, being sinful and selfish are also bad. We can also be bad or good voters as well, as political votes these days have the power to harm, make suffer and kill those less fortunate and powerful in our society, the opposite commandment of all religion and our culture.

Those who vote for austerity, for sin and selfishness and against their fellow humans, the poor, needy and powerless, are being bad. Their doubting of today’s prophets: the activists, leaders, journalists who tell the truth and the true story, denies Christ and God’s point- to have humility and faith in those better, wiser, more informed and enlightened, as that faith is the essence of God and God-based religion; his way and the only way forward. Activists, myself included know the truth, the right direction and the right answers and ideas to follow and subscribe to. We are doing good and helping establish a good world. To deny this, the copious amounts of truth, fact, data, clarity, and common sense behind our activism is bad. To deny truth and faith because of pride and sin based loyalty and understanding is definitely bad.

The far right, most who like to think of themselves as Christians, aren’t following Jesus or God’s commandments and lessons. They are, in fact, doing the opposite. What is the opposite of a good Christian, a good person? It’s a bad one, and too many bad people these days are hiding being the shield of denial, stupidity, and religion. Bad isn’t just crime, its also sin and selfishness. God made a big point of that, through Jesus, and our own hearts, conscience, and condition also constantly tell the story of goodness. Those people denying good, the truth, and virtuous ideas and ideals really need to examine themselves because the truth’s been told, and denial and doubt based on pride, ignorance, love of killing, harming ,and hate know and belong to only one master, and that is Satan.

So be good, and good shall come unto you. Be faithful and follow the lead and knowledge of the wise, informed and good. That’s how to become good, and how to help good. Recognize your sin, amend, repent and change. Cherish, honor and respect good and let all in life be good, or be viewed as a failure. Be good, do good, love good and all life will be good. As it should be, as humanity should be. Those new to Western modern culture, and those now growing up in it need to know about good and bad, that it’s honored in our culture, and why it matters, and that it matters.

We know who and what is good and who isn’t. The Liberal left and their politics, ethics and ideas, ideals are smart and good, as are moderate, traditional, enlightened, and traditional Christian value based Conservatives. Life is run by these, by good and good people ideally. Bad doesn’t lead, it only feeds itself, harms others, delays, and defeats, and declines life and humanity. This is true and the proof is everywhere, including in our own hearts and minds.

Unity is power, and faith is strength. Religion is one way of organizing and teaching good, which is life, of living it, and empowering it as the only the path, progress and peace. Activism, veganism, green low/no waste living and spirituality is another way. So let’s stop staging the far left constructed war of the goods, and instead find peace and harmony with each other, create it through caring, understanding and the humility that allows other’s good arguments, opinions and ideas in. Let’s all be good and smart as stupidity, ignorance, denial are not physical conditions, or reality. They are merely loopholes, allowances that allow badness to remain and rise.

With faith and dedication to a good world, and all its rewards, we can all be good and we can create an all good world. Those who refuse to help or continue to oppose good, will then wither and fade away, as good, as bad so often tries to be, is a force that cannot be denied or derailed. So let’s all be good and understand goodness, and create a good world, heaven on earth for all God’s and good beings. Peace, fairness, prosperity for all and progress, life as is should and needs to be, and as it definitely can be.



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