Why Cultural Appropriation Matters

If you really want to bring out vile racists online just use the hashtag #culturalappropriation. Judging from the responses people give, it seems they really don't understand the issue. It's not about someone's right to sport another culture dress, or accent, or culture, it's about how it affects the person you are appropriating for. Cultural … Continue reading Why Cultural Appropriation Matters

What’s Wrong with Today’s Culture

There are definite problems with today's culture. The problems may vary greatly in source and issue, but the source of all is the same. It's all basically a case of manners. Today's culture is very inappropriate. It's all very much "in your face" and in your space. It's stressful, and no fun. There is an … Continue reading What’s Wrong with Today’s Culture

Animal Rights and The Evolution of Peace.

At the turn of the past century, humanity cared about, and had consideration for the welfare, and needs of people. In the late mid-century, and 1970s, this evolved to include care and consideration for our planet, environment, and wildlife. We were evolving, and this natural process insured our progress, and that life in the developed … Continue reading Animal Rights and The Evolution of Peace.