What’s Wrong with Today’s Culture

There are definite problems with today’s culture. The problems may vary greatly in source and issue, but the source of all is the same. It’s all basically a case of manners.

Today’s culture is very inappropriate. It’s all very much “in your face” and in your space. It’s stressful, and no fun. There is an accepted lack of decorum, appropriateness, decency, and professionalism. Slacker culture has risen, and along with it self-pity, hate, apathy, and self-victimhood attitudes. This can range from trivial, the rudeness of a cashier or error in your shipping order, or it can be serious, with people being openly racist, criminal, cruel and violent.

I was once drawn in by a form of immature rebellion during my youth, but I thankfully had the good sense to get myself out of it, and to never fully fall for it. Once I was free of it, I could see the negativity and harm it breeds and is built upon. I realize that world wasn’t for me, and now I see it everywhere. The bottom layer of manners and behavior has risen to the top, and as someone who’s been there, I find it doubly disturbing.

I personally can’t stand negativity and self pity. I can’t tolerate rude and inappropriate culture. That’s largely why I can’t watch network tv anymore. Much of its content is just rude and negative, and the ads are just awful.

When I share my feelings about this online, I’m accused of being uncool, hysterical, a right wing nut, and out of touch. Actually, the opposite is true. I’m a pretty cool, relaxed, easy going and tolerant person. I’m also a liberal, leftist person. To upset me actually takes alot, and a real departure from what’s good, true or appropriate. The fact I have to stay away from so many things, and am so often disturbed by what I see, read and hear, experience, is a sign of how prevalent rude, low and inappropriate culture has become. Its definitely now the pop culture status quo, the status quo, as well as our political reality, and to question it is impossible.

We are basically living in a teen world, imagined by and ruled by adults. Its really as bad as it can be. Its time for adults to grow up, and bring back class, quality, and manners, and teach and show society what’s good and appropriate. There will always be low culture, but it doesn’t need to stay the ruling culture and status quo.

I personally fight and campaign for a better, classier and more mature world, a pleasant and progressing one. Its how the western world was when it was great and worked, how the western world progressed. A better culture is a banned topic mostly, and banning it, let rise only the low, far in politics and foreign to our traditional culture. By foreign, I mean that which is not aimed at betterment and pleasantness. Purposeless combative culture, rude and low culture. Foreignness is not about race or class these days, its about classiness and manners only.

I’m sure the young generation, Generation Z, and immigrants would be alot better off, happier with a classier, more mature, calmer and better world. Its time to bring back a better status quo, as the current one just keeps the bad, evil, hateful and wrong elements of our society strong and going, and our world, and culture in serious and sad decline.