The Secret to Eternal Youthfulness and Health

There are alot of videos online on the topic of longetivity, and news reports as well. It’s definitely a trend and focus of today. We marvel at Asian 50 year old mothers who look 30, 78 year old vegan bodybuilders. We may wonder is it race, or economics that create these wonders, but are generally also aware that a healthy diet and regular exercise are the keys to these seeming miracles.

I am 52 and I do look at least 20 years younger. I have included a recent untouched, unmade up picture as proof. I am a strict vegan and positive, active person which is my basic recipe for youthfulness.

In regard to my picture and video testamonials online, health and energy are, of course, more than wrinkles and appearance, but these pictures and videos do show that age is not what it was.

Here in more detail is my entire philosophy of retaining your youthfulness. I live by them and to me, my result’s are proof that longetivity is not only possible, it’s also the most free and enjoyable way to live, easy and natural, and the best in terms of helping creating a better, peaceful world.

Secrets of eternal youthfulness

1. A healthy vegan diet with lots of hydration. No salt, or alcohol, low sugar, vinegar, processed foods and allergents and vegan is the healthiest diet. Lots of liquids and produce which provides hydration as well as nutrients.

2. A holistic cruelty free beauty approach and regime. I use the less is more philosophy, as well as recognizing care and attention is necessary in any kind of upkeep. I use cruelty free products, organic health store brands, and vegan products only. As for skin care I use home microneedling, sunblock, alternates to soap washing, and use less products that work better. I also make alot of my products using organic ingredients.

3. A focus of whole self wellness – soul, spirit, mind and body. Hobbies, time spent on social media, time and attention spend on rest, relaxation, and play. Charity and compassion, giving. Mind stimulating work, projects, learning and conversation. Social, spirtual activities and events. Time spent with nature and animals. Balance of self care and that of others. It all matters as we are not just bodies, we are minds, souls and spirits equally hungry for nourishment and care. I make sure I am wholly self cared for, and if I am having any problems, I fix them by focusing on all areas of my being.

4. Regular daily physical exercise. Regular exercise programs plus daily exercise is the secret. Pets and children, commuting and housework all provide alot of opportunity for daily exercise. Combined with a regular exercise program is key to youthfulness and energy.

5. Postive mental attiude, inner calm peace, righteous ethics and sound morality. Be kind, be happy, be peaceful, seek to listen, learn and understand. Stand by and up what you know is right, and never give in to despair. Be honest and don’t fight the truth. A sign of a truly healthy person is their mental attitude and positivity. If you are sad, angry or unable to listen, learn, or give then you aren’t well and should seek help and healing. This type of unhealthiness does age and kill us as well.

6. Self esteem and self love. It seems easy in this society to devalue yourself. It seems easy to give in to bully and their hate. It seems easy to ignore your promises to yourself, dreams and hopes. We all do this and in reality, it’s not easy at all. A great deal of our stress is related to damage to our self esteem, sense of self worth that lies unaddressed and unamended. Self esteem is like a shield, and once exercised regularily enough, becomes a part of our nature. Stress is a great killer of our health, physical and mental, and youth. Make it a point to think, feel and act kindly about yourself and ignore, block and fight back against those messages, and people who wish to diminish you.

7. Outside the box, individualistic thinking. Trends are usually consumer driven, and aren’t always healthy. Plus, if you are living in a hateful, unhealthy status quo as we now, you cannot win by following it. Learn from healthy people and realize these people usually do think, learn, live, or gain their inspiration from outside the box.

I have always obeyed my own direction. It wasn’t always right but it lead me to creating a system of living for myself that is healthy and nurturing in every way, and thats allows me to be fully nurturing to others, as well.

Longetivity is largely a choice these days, and the freedom and joy I have on my journey to my present lifestyle has made me a believer. I hope you to have begun this journey, or have an interest in it. It’s never to early to start, and you, our world and its species will all benefit because of it.