Ontario Elections: Loss and Winning

Yesterday went as expected with a PC majority of 76 seats, which really was the worst case scenario, what everyone was dreading.

It is terrible, but it’s not all bad news. The Green Party won a seat in Guelph, their first ever, alot of good opposition candidates won, and Toronto remained PC free, and progressive. The only change being it’s now mostly NDP instead of mostly Liberal as in the last election.

We all have alot to lose, and reason to worry, but life does go on. And we’re not alone. This political life battle is being played out everywhere. Elections aren’t about left vs right anymore. They’re now about right vs wrong, and bad vs good. Sometimes good wins and sometimes good loses. Having a bad, wrong government is hard news to take, but we can be secure in knowing the resistance everywhere is strong and organized, and that matters alot now, and will matter more in the years to come.

This is why I think despite the news we woke up to today, we still have reason to hope. Every generation has become progressively more progressive, left leaning and well informed. The millenials are aware from a much earlier age about politics and the importance of voting. They are the future, and can change the world politically.

People of my generation, Gen X, are evenly split, and creators of both today’s modern populus, and activist movements. I am very glad the younger generations are wiser and better, and equally smart, active and progressive. We need common sense, intelligent governance and voters. In the not too distant future, I am sure we will have both.

Another group that influences the vote is immigrants. Here the vote also seems evenly split, so it doesn’t change the numbers too much. But in many elections, such as the vote in Quebec for the religious wear ban bill, they can really rock it to the left. Their politics also tends to fall into generational and other demographic lines, so millenial’s are again a strong hope for the future.

There is hope for the future, but today is today. I woke up this morning to a less certain, secure and settled Ontario. Where many are wondering what they might lose as individuals, and a society. It’s not a nice feeling but one we are getting used to.

We just need to keep the faith, hang onto hope and support the opposition. Stay involved and ready for the next election. Things probably are very bad, maybe they can be minimilized, but in four years, we will have another opportunity. We can also hope this victory will prove a temporary loss, as Ontario realizes its strength isn’t in hatred of “elites”, immigrants or liberals, it’s in it’s common sense goverance for all the people, sound economic reasoning, and it’s dedication to move forward on climate change, green industry and infrastructure, and values and policies that end social problems, instead of creating and resurrecting them.

In the meantime, this next four years, let’s be a little more friendly to each other, a little kinder. Divest in habits and attitudes that keep our world imperiled, and stuck in self harming decline. Read, learn, study, relax, resist, fight back. Stay safe, move forward, and value ourselves more. Have fun, mature and grow. Because the stronger and better we are as people, the stronger and better our sane, sound world will be.

We have four years to get through. Let’s make them winning years, despite yesterday’s loss. We lost this battle, not the war. We can still thrive and win. Ontario can still carry on and continue its role as progressive leader of our nation.

Government is a part a life, not its whole. Let the people, business, industry and our collective hope and good sense and will write the story of these years. The motto of times of trouble has become a cliche, but it still ring true. Keep calm, fight back and carry on. Today is today, it’s not our future.