Why Korea is so great


Recently it came to my attention that South Korea is getting close to making eating dogs and cats illegal, and establishing animal welfare guidelines for all farmed animals. This is great news and will make South Korea the second Asian nation after Taiwan to ban this cruel practice and industry.

The news added to my growing respect for my birth country. I’ve been thinking alot about it recently as a new Kpop fan, and have been drawn to make comparisons to western culture. I was drawn to Kpop because I am not a fan of North American pop. Its mostly, except for a very few performers, overly sexualized, obscene, pro-guns, drugs and crime. There are too many obscenities and any song that uses the “B” word to describe women is not music I’m going to enjoy. Its all a low class, low talent, low creativity and auite ugly mess, and finding Kpop was like walking into a beautiful, sunlit nature scene after years of enforced darkness.

Kpop is sweet and clean, sexy without being obscene, fun without the fun being drug-fuelled and is purely upbeat. It talks about romance, love, feelings, style and creativity, and self esteem, not gang life, sexual acts and insulting people. This difference in music is mirrored in Korea the nation versus the west, and explains alot of why Korea is really a great nation.

Beyond KPop and the music, entertainment, style and tech talent, Korea also has the perfect blend of progressive and conservative lifestyle, mores and politics. It’s a thriving country that rewards and expects achievement and effort in scholastics and life. They don’t tolerate corruption or crime. They love the wholesome, family fun and nature. They are invested in their child’s schooling and have among the highest scholastic rates in the world. They are an anti-crime, anti-drug, anti-gun and a low immigrant rate monoculture. It’s arguable that drugs, crime, and guns is what has declined the west, and not having a proud, at peace, unifying culture keeps it in decline.

Korea has a proud, unifying culture, and few of the problems of the west. They do have far right and possibly far left agitators, but so far these groups haven’t risen and gained control of the status quo as they have in the west. Korea continues to move forward on progressive, green, animal welfare legislation and progress while maintaining both trendsetting modern style and culture, and wholesome family, and youth values and love of nature. Its a peaceful, beautiful, clean, fun and productive, rich in history nation and like England, and Israel, proof you don’t need to be big and powerful to be great, and a world leader.

I will be continuing to follow the progress of anti-dog and cat meat legislation and other animal rights progress in Korea. I am happy I can be proud of my home country, and all its fun exports. The end of the cruel dog and cat meat trade would really put South Korea in the forefront in Asia and globally in addressing and legislating against animal abuse, and I hope and pray it will happen soon. Go Korea!

Puppies rescued from Korea’s dog meat trade.