Thoughts on Multiculturalism, Monoculturalism and Immigration

First, we must remove this conversation from the issue of racism. Monoculturalism is not a white only ideal. All nations have had or have monoculturalism, and oppose other cultures invading en masse. It’s not at all about race. Its about respecting every nation’s culture, and right to say no to multiculturalism.
Some cultures like the North Americas, and some European nations work and thrive because they are multicultural. Others like Korea, Israel, Italy and other small nations are largely monocultural, and it’s monoculturalism that has helped them thrive and survive.
In the west we are having problems with far left and far right fighting about this issue, which has risen anti-western cultures, values, and the rise of racist and third world culture. This is wrong. We are first world western nations so those who come here need to adapt to it, and most do. We are also multicultural nations so everyone can hold on to their own cultures as well. To work as a multicultural nation, only our values need to be one- wholesome, law and order and decency based, and progressive.
Liberals who oppose attempts to limit immigration, migration in their country and others, need to see reality as well as politics. They say poor conservatives are foolish to vote for anti-immigration candidates who cut services for the poor, but liberals are fully supporting mass and illegal immigration, migration even though there are growing signs this not only is beginning to hurt western culture, but is also hurting the third world as well. Smaller, developed nations are being crippled by the constant demand and pressure for immigration, for granting migrants entrance and critisism, accusations of racism and zenophobia if they don’t.
The issue of immigration is the liberal blindspot. The inability to see immigration as a real issue, not a race based one, and this blindness is as potentially harmful as any far right climate denial. Liberals are blind to the fact realities have and are changing. It’s time now for nations to just say no to unlimited mass immigration if they want to, and for acceptance of it. It’s also time for western nations to return to traditional, moderate western culture, and focus on their own citizens, and to demand other nations and cultures take care of their own citizens. It’s time to shut the doors and lower rates so we can deal with our staggering problems, and costs here at home.
I’m a true leftist liberal, and a person of color but I don’t let my politics or disike of white supremacy stand between my opinion and reality. Immigration was a good and great thing, and helped progress and move forward our world. But now its a part of what is speeding world culture past what western culture is, and into far right, far left third world culture. We all, multi and mono cultures, need to say stop, no and slow down.
I fully support any nation saying no more to immigration, banning it, reducing it and saying no to migrants. Why aren’t their nations and culture dealing with and helping them? The first world has had enough. Its time to say no and for all nations to step up and take care of their own citizens. We can get together on this, work together as nations and should, but the focus must be on all nations taking a role.
We have alot to lose. Peaceful multiculuralism in our own nations, and jewels of monoculturalism like South Korea, Israel, Italy. Monocultures are western in culture, but uniquely themselves, and untouched by divergant culture. This is equally as precious as multiculturalism is, and we should support the efforts of these nations to maintain their cultures, and what makes them thrive.
Its wrong to destroy beautiful things, and cultures are beautiful. Multi or monocultures, our world needs both, and all cultures do need to readdress immigration and how it fits in with our world’s current needs and means. It’s time to be honest; immigration is not all good anymore, and to better address the problems, we need to reduce or stop the constant flow of new immigration and migration.

It’s time to force and demand all nations take care of their citizens and adopt proven western values and systems to do so. Western culture has been the proven way forward, the winner, as forward thinking formerly third world nations have thrived once adopting it.

Its time for a better world, of both progress and change, and keeping, maintaining what works and is precious, and not inflicting a one world vision of multiculturalism uberliberalism upon every nation. Let’s not as Liberals stand in the way of a world returned to nice, normal,peaceful and thriving. Change and wise resistance to change is what made the western world great, and allowed third world nations to be developed and rise. So let’s not be a part of the problem, and instead move

forward to the truth irregardless of what side of the political fence it comes from.