Ending Bullying

There are really only two kinds of people in the world, the good and the bad. They can also be broken up into those who get, do and support bullies and those who don’t. I have always fit into the last category, and it’s something I can be proud of.
In my life and even now, I have faced many bullies. Inferior people need to bully others to feel better about themselves, and especially if they’re jealous. That is something I’ve known all my life. Bullying made me afraid and angry as a child, and angered and disgusted me as a teen and still does, but it doesn’t hurt me at all and never really did. I understood the reasoning behind it, the jealous, hateful mind, and realized its not an insult to you, its really all about the bully.
We live in an age where bullying, while publicly denounced, is still a big part of our status quo. Sin has risen, is normalized, view as cool, and envy which is prevelant and a main source of bullying, is a sin. Bullying is allowed and cool due also to our low class status quo and the banning in popular culture of classy, cultured and mature attitudes.
The bully gets most of the attention in media and in real life. Much is written and thought about bullies but the truth is simple and clear. These are wrathful individuals who exploit and use human weakness and enjoy inflicting pain and fear on vulnerable people. You can’t change bullies or those who get or do bullies. It’s in someone’s nature. You can however, individually and collectively, as a person and as a society control the power of bullies and that is still something that very much needs to be done.
Our age is the bully age. The low class aggressor and class. Hunting, angling is in vogue and hating wildlife, pigeons, farm animals. Animal abuse, child abuse, its all a game and fun for bullies. Its all about inflicting pain for ennjoyment, and to deflect feelings of jealousy, selfish fears and to take and gain power, and really how pathetic and sick are people who need to bully wildlife, children, minorities, vulnerable and better people?
It’s disgusting but sin still rules, so even people who think they are good bully or support bullies out of envy or cowardice. That’s not okay. These people may be fine but really not okay in their soul, nature and charactor. Bullying is something we need to eradicate, like viruses and diseases which they are. Bullying is the product of sin and sick, savage souls, hearts and minds. These people need to be cast down and given no tolerance or allowances from life. Kharma is spiritual and human will. As we support bullies, we destroy kharmic power, and God’s will and power. This is how heaven is defeated and all because of cowardly people who couldn’t say no to bullies. Bullies have no power, it’s given to them by people, so this is why tolerance and support of bullies is as bad, if not worse than bullying itself.
I can go to grave knowing I never was a bully or supported bullying. Its not in my heart or soul. This is what matters ultimately, and I do realize than by not being a bully or supporting them is enough to save lives, kharma, God and justice and civilized society as well.
So let’s all do our part, say no to bullies, whether they are the mean louts in school making homophibic or racist jokes, and bullying kids who are different, a president cutting back on services for the poor, hunters proudly displaying their kills, or celebrities wearing fur. A bully is a bully, hate is hate,and any society who condones and tolerates hate is, as history has proven, destined to be destroyed by it.
Let bullies live alone with their own kind and give them no power in life. They are haters, sinners, and hate and sin is boring, ugly and petty. Love is what we all need to cherish, understand, respect and empower. Its time we exalted, empowered and celebrated lovers, not haters. If we do, we can end bullying, and that would be a great act and bring life on earth one step closer to justice , and heaven.