Today’s Sickness

Today’s sickness is sin, and good and virtue is the cure. Hate is born of sin and ignorance, and our daily lives have become a constant fight against these most unChristian, and unwestern values. Far political extremists and haters keep trying to sell us a status quo where anything goes, and its cool to be crazy, bad and sinful. But with people stealing, torturing and murdering pets and wildlife, teenagers raping and killing, lone shooters and terrorists murdering hundreds and targeting children, women and minorities, people trying to blind pilots or performers with lasers, starting wildfires that kill wildlife and humans, and destroy billions of dollars worth of property, acid and knife crimes and brazen urban shootings, companies, hunters and fishermen destroying our planet, and driving species to extinction with their greed, pride and bloodlust, we really need to ask ourselves are societal and media limits, a “nanny state”, respect for rules, law and order, decency and courtesy, peace and love, gentleness, common sense and moderation, Christian and family values, a sinfree status quo where bad and sin are out such bad things?

I don’t think so, but that’s not at all the cool attitude, as I have found out on social media, and so we all are forced to live in this already proven to be wrong world where no limits empowers and unleashes evil, and disempowers good in its efforts to stop, end or fight it. It’s time to stop the hate and insanity, but in a culture that idolizes sin and the sinful, badness, lawlessness and hate, I don’t see it as possibly happening.

It’s easy enough to wish our world and it’s people would all grow up and live rightfully, but it’s just not happening. We need to see our collective role in it all. We create our world. Making bad cool, and good disrespected is where the damage happened, and what we must fix.

So let’s make good and virtue cool again, and put bad, sickness, meanness on notice. There is no need for any tolerance of the mean, sick, stupid, depraved or savage, and no need or good reason to disparge, doubt or disrespect good.

We need to uphold and cherish good as it’s goodness, and cultural respect and empowerment of it that will end the insanity, and bring peace and love back to our world. Good and virtue and its outcomes, peace, love, harmony and hope are what we sure need now, not just to survive, but to also thrive, move forward and save western culture, the world and ourselves from the limitless, bottomless need and greed of the bad, evil and sick.

We can do this, empower good and say no to bad, and so we must. We will be be fine if we do, and really there is no good sense not to.