This hashtag trended number one on Twitter on August 18, 2018. There were lots of interesting, funny and some angry tweets on the subject. It shows that we all, of all the post WW1 generations, feel a great deal of generational pride and rightfully so. It also shows that there is anger and disconnect between the generations. This too is understandable as understanding, dialouge and conversation, learning, diversity, getting along, and truth in our age is underplayed, everyone has alot to lose and everything is imperiled all the time, and diversiveness, anger and anti social social media rule.

I’m a proud and realistic GenXer. My generation is mixed politically, socially and racially and was the first really diverse generation. It led to problems for us in a world both holding steadfastly onto the past, and one desperately trying to move forward. I think the lesson I learnt from my lfe and era is we can do both, and we need to do both. Peace amongst all people including all the generations, is how this will begin. Let’s hope that starts soon so Gen2018 will know not of the problem we do.

Here are my tweets on the subject.

We began the modern world & being woke with anti racism/charity based concerts, Free Mandala & celebrating the fall of the German Wall. Not perfect (50% of us are far conservative) but we ushered in the new world & held on to the best of the old. (GenX) #BragAboutYourGeneration
We knew a world that was both civil & free, and far politics were non existant & abnormal. The opposite of today. (GenX) #BringItback #BragAboutYourGeneration
We’re the generation that knew both the encyclopedia & the internet. And the first globalized First World generation. Multiculturalism began with us! (GenX) #BragAboutYourGeneration
Many of us were messed up as politics & real problems got a divorce, AIDS & crime devastated the world, drugs became normal, but we established drug treatment culture, counselling, art music & politically driven subcultures in response.(GenX) 😎😎😎 #BragAboutYourGeneration
All generations have had their problems & given alot of our world. Let’s continue to give & work together to fix & save it. (GenXer) #BragAboutYourGeneration

Instead of complaining abt younger generations, we should all be the change, & help lead, inspire, direct the world to travel in better, smarter directions. Truthfully, statistically, there’s not enough of that happening amongst GenX & older. #BragAboutYourGeneration