Monoculturalism and Multiculturalism: The Right to Say No and The Way Forward

I’m a big fan and supporter of multiculturalism. I myself am a person of colour, and am also western. I am a liberal as well. This doesn’t change or contradict the fact that I fully support nations, such as South Korea, Italy or Israel for wanting to stay monocultural, or people in the west and countries in Europe wanting to stop or at least slow down the flow of immigration and migration.

People say we need to have a heart. That’s very true, but we also need to have common sense,and be aware of today’s realities, and this is lacking in alot of today’s immigration debate. I blame conservstives who’s hate and ignorance based ideology kills thought and discussion dead. It keeps people hysterical and breeds zenophobia and hate crimes.It kills any possiblity for reaching sane, good for all immigration reform and policy.

Immigration today is not was it was 100, 50 or even 30 years ago. We have changed as a world and immigration has created our wonderfully diverse societies. That’s fine in multicultural countries, but I understand why non multicultural countries are no so pleased by it.

To smaller nations, their cultural brand is required as tourism and selling their brand is one of their main sources of income. Sometimes, as is the case with Israel, it’s due to safety concerns, both historic and present. It’s inspiring to see a nation stand up for it’s people and cultural heritage as Israel has done. That same drive is moving people in South Korea recently besieged by Yemani and other middle Eastern trafficked migrants, as Italy and many European nations have also been. They are not being racist, they are putting their nation, it’s economy and it’s people and culture first, and that’s good and right, as it’s necessary to maintaining a strong and thriving monoculture.

For large multicultural nations the need to reduce and or slow down the flow of immigrants is a good decision. It’s not to placate cultural fears. It to address our cultural breakdown, caused by hate and ignorance, could allow for better integration of cultures, allow people to enjoy multiculturalism without worry and fear, hate, and not overwhelm social services and systems. Immigration is very much how our culture and society was created. Reducing immigration numbers would allow us to continue this tradition but in ways that would aid multiculturalism instead of inducing hate based paranoia and fear and overwhelming our systems.

Immigration gives alot to our nations but it is now something we need to reform and to do so requires the will and good clear motivation. Immigrants make our nations better places ro live and work, immigration needs also to be beneficial. Here in the west, we just need common sense reforms, to insure the rate matches our economic reality and doesn’t contribute to ugly building syndrome and urban sprawl.

Today’s western immigration is largely economically based. We need to curb it and care more about the social aspects, and focus on integration as never has the west been as divided as it is now. This is not the fault of immigrants, it is the fault of western hate groups and we need to really focus on ending the hate, ignorance as well as making immigration work as a policy of our age in our new globalized world.

Monocultures are fine and multicultures are fine. We can have both and neither threatens the other. It’s really a case of “what’s feeds Paul is poison to Peter” reality, and we need to break free of the partisenship that can only see the world in extreme absolutes, and one solution for all remedies. There are right and wrong answers to all issues, but the right answers fall on both sides of the political divide and until we realize and accept that, our world will remain lost and stuck in it’s current turmoil and troubles.

I feel compassion for war torn citizens of Yeman, and Syria, political refugees, persecuted LGBT+ people from repressive cultures and support western nations taking in as many of these refugees as possible. We need to do this still as war and persecution remains a reality. I am also sympathetic to the plight of poor South Americans and Africans migrants, but believe taking in a few migrants is not going to help them. It’s putting a bandage on huge problems and wondering why the wound never heals or stops bleeding. We need to take a tough love stand on this. Force Third World nations to start taking care of their own, and joining the west in adopting the policies, programs and attitudes that allow nations to thrive individually, and as part of the global village. Europe has begun this by working with Africa to safely rehome migrants. We use our diplomacy, aid and pressure to end wars, instill peace, and green infastructure, and lend humantarian support where it’s needed. Help establish first world systems, values and modern ethics in all nations. That’s what we can do. Taking on the migrants of these unresolved issues and corruption forever, we cannot and perhaps should not Focus on immigration as the hope of the world, keeps the focus on the west. We need to focus on the world and reducing and slowing down immigration to welcoming nations is how to do that.

The west and monocultures are threatened and declining and we cannot allow it anymore. This is something we must face and deal with. Immigration build and socially enhanced our great modern world, and to maintain it and move it forward we must now review our immigration rates, migration and be allowed to ban, reduce and slow it down it. Banning certains countries is wrong, but their is right reforms and we must think about this issue and reach them.

We also, most importantly, need to stand up for western culture. A culture based on democracy, decency, civilized behavior and positive, faith and virtue based beliefs. Multiculturalism works when western culture remains true to it’s founding principles and merits. Allowing worry about western decline to raise hate and fear based thinking and groups is what is causing our decline, not immigration.

Our culture is in decline but not because of immigrants. If we stood up for and by our traditional western culture, immigrants would assimilate. But when our culture is hate and fear based, ruled by a far and low status quo as it now, people won’t, and will, as has happened, create a fractured and divided society where lack of trust, understanding and mutual respect rules. What the cure is, is ending low and far rule and let return the nice, civilized, decent, classy, smart and moderate to rise and our culture to return to what it was before hate and ignorance driven by the far and low took over politics, our culture and life.

No one wants to integrate into hate so the west definitely needs to deal with itself and it’s culture, and not just ignore it, give in to it. That will allow all immigrants to integrate and end the problems that arise when they don’t or can’t. Most immigrants intergrate well. When they don’t, we really only have ourselves to blame.

A thriving western culture moves with the times and deals with it’s issues. We have become the opposite, a nation of politics before principles and non thinking paritsan beliefs. There is no longer a western culture, as low and far right and far left forces have decimated it. That is what is causing our problems and fear. Immigration and sadly, immigrants are the focus of the blame, but that in itself shows how far from great and a western civilized nation we have gotten. We need to be ourselves and say no to this ignorance and hate. We also need to be wise, and update policy as needed. We need to be open to that and ignore forces both far right and far left that refuse to allow our policy to remain and to be updated.

We in Canada and the USA can still allow immigration, in terms of economy and population, but even we need to reduce it to a managable, affordable, and assimilatable flow. As for the economic benefit of taking in huge numbers of immigrants and migrants, we do profit from it, but that then deprives their home nations of profit, a workforce, and we could profit just as well in terms of tax revenue and job creation by adopting a basic income for all, dealing with our homeless and high poverty rates, raising salaries, lowering working and middle classes taxes and investing in thriving, green industry.

In terms of the importance of monocultures, South Korea is a perfect example of a small monocultural country that deals with immigration wisely. While they have low numbers of immigrants, they have high numbers of foreign workers and students. It’s really a win/win situation with Korea reaping the economic benefit, and non Koreans gaining employment and cultural immersion. It is pretty clear South Korea would not be thriving if it weren’t a monocultural culture and their recent refusal to allow migrants free pass wasn’t heartless, but correct and one that put it’s own culture and citizens first.

Adopting this policy of shared study, work opportunities would be a better way of helping poorer nations. And a working world, travelling freely and experiencing each other’s cultures is hardly a world with any tolerance for war, corruption or poverty. We could all learn and benefit from each others culture and westerners could benefit by getting a larger world view by experiencing new cultures.

This is a better plan for everyone. We can thrive both multi and mono cultures, maintain a global village through diplomacy, tourism, peace and trade initiatives, joint projects such as the Climate Accord, and these mutual work/study/travel visas and permits. We can promote a world where every nation is a thriving first world nation. All nations have greatness, beauty, cultural merit and by stopping the great overflow of migrating humanity, we can start to appreciate them all, without stress, guilt and worry. We will be really helping all people and nations, healing the wound of poverty and war, by removing the bandage of immigration, and examining it.

In regard to racists and white supremacists, I suggest they give up, and accept we live in a multicultural culture, or move to a monocultural white one, which there are still a few. Like Russia or eastern Europe. Canada and US are multicultural cultures, as is alot of Europe. and we need to abide by our diversity. These racially based anti immigration advocates are the cause of the serious problems of hate rising, integration, crime, and backwards attitudes (not at all an immigrant only problem, despite what racists say), that we need to deal with. These are issues we can’t just ignore them or just give in to hate and fear. Reducing immigration flow drastically or minorly is probably needed, can probably help and makes sense. Immigration fear and problems are not going to go away, just as problems within our own culture aren’t going to just go away. Smart governments and nations needs to deal with it all, and Liberals and Conservatives equally, as well.