I Believe Her

Anyone who was a girl growing up in the 1980s recognizes the culture Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is talking about, and the plausibility that the events she is accusing Judge Kavanaugh occurred. Everything Dr. Ford and her fellow accusants have said rings true; about the era and party atmosphere, about the underage drinking and sick frat boy views about sex. I support these women and their bravery, and I believe them.

Their stories are supported by facts, such as Dr. Ford talking about this to her cousellor in 2012 and her husband as well. I believe these woman, and if their stories are proven, or at all seem possible, Judge Cavanaugh’s confirmation must be denied and withdrawn.

We live in a era of hope that someday soon rape and sexual abuse will no more be a reality, and a source of pain, trauma, shame for victims, and an in joke and source of power brokering camaraderie for those in power. We have hope that the rampant misogeny currently driving forth legislature, and it’s policy will come undone, and feminism and women’s rights will no longer be a joke to our leaders. We want to believe Dr. Ford and these women, and while complete proof confirming their stories has yet to be brought to light, and probably, as in many cases of rape, is not possible, and Judge Kavanaugh’s defense performance and support seems strong, I am definitely not willing or able to dismiss them as liars now or ever.

If Judge Kavanaugh confirmation is denied, we as women and progresives will have alot to cheer about. His stand on abortion, gun laws and lgbt marriage is predictable, and genuinely worrisome. If he is denied a seat, we would be starting down the path to establishing the better, greater America of our hopes and dreams. If he is confirmed, whether he is innocent or guilty, we will be continuing to empower a sick, immature and hateful culture of legislated and cultural disrespect and disregard for women.

We have been here before, with Anita Hill. Let’s choose the better road this time, the road forward, and create a society and culture that remains strongly in defense of keeping sexual predators and anti feminst legislation from power and political leadership.

I do not know what the truth is, but I don’t believe Judge Kavanaugh is in anyway a qualified candidate for the job of Supreme Court judge. I do believe in innocent until proven guilty, and that hold’s true for the victim as well. We can’t and shouldn’t rush to proclaim anyone a liar as the GOP, and their supporters have done. Whatever the end conclusion of guilt and innocence in this case is, and it does seem impossible to fully prove any of the allegations, due process must be carried out. This means a full thorough unbiased investigation and hearing. That what is fair and full justice and holding the Supreme Court to its standard and position in American institutional life.

Due process also means looking at this case objectively. Has a nominee ever been in this position before, and can the facts really just be brushed ignored? If it were a Democrat nominee (I am sure Democrats wouldn’t stand by this nomination) would the to be expected rabid GOP demands to reject be reasonable? Obviously yes. Partisanship is clouding that facts and truth here, and it’s really a disturbing, and depressing spectacle. Rushing through this nomination is just wrong. The innocent need to rise, and the guilty be exposed, and this cannot happen in one day, or even one week of questioning.

It’s just sad really, another media circus and round of the insane civil war of politics, and social media we progressives have been pulled into. Sexual predator or not, Judge Kavanaugh has proven himself not the kind of man whom will not usher in an era of greatness and fairness for all Americans, continuing instead with the small, mean, ignorant and bigoted rulings of his party. He perjured himself numerous times on the stand, proven himself not of the high moral calibre we should be able to expect in a Supreme Court justice, and that in itself should be enough to disqualify him.

It would be so much better if the US had a good, honorable and truthful President and government, and politics weren’t this constant battle between good and evil, smart and not. It’s been a daily battle for liberals and for sexual abuse survivors, an often nauseating rehashing of the times and experiences in our lives we would much rather forget and put behind us. These not normal times, as sexual predation has become a normal occurance in our culture, and it’s politically correct these days to blame the victims. That hurts, and is harmful, and we can blame it fully on the conservative politics and people of today.

So I choose to believe these women and support them. I do believe them as there is no reason not to. I am not confident justice will be done in this situation, but do believe in the end, truth always win, and the truth,the whole truth, and truths about this case, and those involved will hopefully write the conclusion, and final outcome of this woefully and seriously wrong situation and confirmation.