Happy #Veganuary!

Veganuary is a movement that has really taken off in the past few years. This year there are more than 300,000 new signers on, a great sign of veganism's growing popularity and inclusion into mainstream culture. I went vegan in 2008 after three years of transitioning from a omnivore to a vegetarian, to then mostly … Continue reading Happy #Veganuary!

On Belonging

This is a blog about abuse and how abusers use the feeling of belonging to groom their victims. If you are a survivor of abuse, you may be triggered. I hope you will find comfort and healing as well here, and that this blog will help you on your recovery and healing journey. One way … Continue reading On Belonging

On Western Culture: Politics, Progress and Limitations For All

Even though I'm fully an adult as a post 50 year old, I'm still evolving as as a person, as are my political beliefs. I would define myself politically as a Christian liberal progressive as my Christian morality is a big part my political beliefs and activism. I'm also a socialist and non partisan supporters … Continue reading On Western Culture: Politics, Progress and Limitations For All

A Step Forward on the Migrant Crisis

(Pic: The Town of Riace, Italy, brought back to life by its willingness to welcome and accommodate migrants. ALESSIO MAMO/THE GLOBE AND MAIL) Until you know the facts and truth of what's going on, it's very hard to form an informed opinion and know how to proceed. That is why I am very hopeful about … Continue reading A Step Forward on the Migrant Crisis