On Building Political Bridges

Last night’s State of the Union address given by President Trump talked the talk, as usual, about building bridges and creating a unified United States of America for the people again. At the same time, it agreed to no concession to liberals and Democrats and stuck mainly by the wrongful aim to “build the wall”. This is too bad, as I think building bridges and creating a large majority who share common values and thinking is not only a good idea, but also a necessary idea. If not, it’s pretty certain the US and the world will continue to live in a state of unrest and civil war.

This is bad, but what’s far worse than this constant state of war is that work that needs to be done too often gets pushed aside if too contentious or unpopulous, and all our government time, energy and money will go to appease populous sentiment, which these days is all far and extreme. This is why creating a unified United States is a great goal, has been the great goal since the end of the Civil War, and why there is hope that maybe we will be the generation who achieves this.

The problem in achieving this goal is due to conservatives who talk about building bridges, but there focus is always on what liberals are wrong about, what they can do to change; it’s never about themselves. The truth is it’s more or equally important at this time for conservatives to see where they are wrong and need to change and let go. Abortions and women’s rights, anti-racism and anti-homophobia, ecology and conservation of nature and wildife, animal rights and veganism and anti-austerity anti-poverty policies are all issues that are real and that Liberals are correct about . These are the topic where conservatives are wrong and because the liberal stand on them is right, liberals can’t back down or “build bridges” to oppositional opinion. If your right you need to stand by it, and it’s pretty hard to build consensus with wrong and determined to stay wrong parties.

Far Liberals are wrong on Israel, and maybe wrong on aspects of immigration, and extreme black protest, and their support for the ending of standards and mortality in media, entertainment and culture, but really, for most liberals these standards morality are fine, and aren’t anti liberal ideals and feeling. The problem is for most moderate and progressive liberals, if the morality standards go past decency and are based on hate and igonrance, how can they support them? Wholesomeness and family values are great, but hate and ignorance, savagery are not family values. To build these bridges with liberals of the moderate kind, conservatives need to address the hate and ignorance of their far side and maybe in doing so Liberals will also do so with their extremist tolerances.

That’s how a large majority will be formed. Moderate progressive Liberals and moderate traditional conservatives who agree on the fundamental truths of life, liberty, and justice. This the future of peace, pleasantness and prosperity,  and completely possible once everyone left or right or center dedicates themselves to peace, the truth and fact. We can have great, prosperous and peaceful nations again. It’s just a matter of breaking free of our far extremist status quo and saying no always to wrong, ignorance, hate and folly.