Why the Western Moral Code Matters

The west and its institutions has generally been the moral standard the world is judged by. Our progress, peacefulness, and prominance due to our civility, prosperity and progress have made this true for over 300 years. But lately things have changed. With the rise, power and influence of third world like far right and left politics and attitudes here in the west- who is now steering the ship?
Animals, minorities, women & children of the world, suffering from backwards cultural norms, need a strong first world moral guide. Sadly it’s this guide- democrat, liberal, progressive, compassionate, responsible and moderate, that’s out, over and constantly under attack. Tragic for those in need both here in the west and elsewhere. A backward, low, and hate feeding western culture is a tragedy for the entire world and all the vulnerable members within it.
The activists in the west are fighting back and winning at keeping our western moral code and aims going, and we are influencing, empowering activism all over the world. The west and it’s progress is definitely not a lost cause, is not yet a destroyed culture, but the forces declining and destructing it are strong, threatening, and still need to be stopped, ended, and soon.

I was inspired to write this blog because of some particularly heartbreaking animal abuse stories from the third world. It is unfortunately impossible to distance ourselves completely, and feel superior here in the west, in regard to animal abuse. The rise of the hunter, angler, meat lobby and their vicious, pointless culls, greed, ignorance and attacks on compassion has made the west no great leader for animal rights. But as cultural awareness, support and laws around animal welfare are much more advanced in western culture, the abuses we see from others lands remains just are too shocking and unthinkable to western minds.

I hope this year sees the beginning of the turning of the tides, where all nations begin to agree to one moral code, be it for animals, our planet, women, children and minorities. Wrong is wrong and every religion in the world, every common sense lesson or story preaches kindness to all living creatures matters. So this life and world aren’t too hard to figure out, and hopefully this year things will improve for animals and for the people and activists who care about them.